4 minutes read

The emperor gets a new wardrobe

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently had 40 African leaders donned in his signature raw silk kurtas (aka Modi jackets) and safas at the closing gala of the India-Africa Forum…..

7 minutes read

The Hooligans

A black coated Nylophor fence transverses the Union Building lawns the day #FeesMustFall marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria. The fence creating a ceremonial space for protest below and,…..

9 minutes read

Mother of the Nation

No victory was achieved for the ‪#‎Feesmustfall campaign last Friday. Let’s be clear about that. No fees have fallen. There is nothing to celebrate or get excited about. Fortunately, young people are…..

3 minutes read

Nigeria outsources policing of corruption

Two weeks ago, on October 6th, Nigeria’s former oil minister, Diezani Allison-Madueke, was arrested in London by British police. It’s estimated that over $20 billion went missing on her watch……