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The Washington Post predicts a year full of coups in Africa

The Washington Post’s foreign affairs blogger Max Fisher (about whose infatuation with coloured maps we blogged before here and here) posted an entry earlier this week entitled: ‘A worrying map of countries most likely to have a coup in 2014’. It is based on the work of political scientist Jay Ulfelder. The post includes a coloured map of the globe with countries coloured from light yellow to dark brown. And as you might guess, the darker the country, the more likely it will see a violent overthrow of the government some time this year.

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'The Problem of Race'

The political scientist, Siba Grovogui, based at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, interviewed about two months ago.

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‘The anti-politics machine’

Yale political scientist James Scott (who admits to never reading the American Political Science Review), speaks on the workings of academia in an interview with Peter Schouten’s Theory Talks blog: