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Can documentary film as a genre do justice to the astounding life of Fela Kuti?

Documentary films truncate an entire life into fleeting bursts of exuberance and somber moments. Any moments that exist in between, however significant they are, are left out completely or brushed over. In making a documentary, on any subject, the director carves a narrative. And at times, the narrative carves itself. The decision then to make a documentary on the astounding life of Fela Kuti is a brave one. What do you exclude? What do you include? And most importantly, what informs these decisions?

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Nigeria’s Soldiers of Fortune

In his new book, Soldiers of Fortune, the historian and commentator Max Siollun argues that the years 1984–1993 — a period of military rule in Nigeria — ‘crafted modern Nigerian society.’ Siollun is…..

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The Black President's Son

This is a clip from an excellent PBS report by journalist Marco Werman who traveled to Lagos, Nigeria, where talk to Fela Kuti’s son, Seun. Watch the full program here.

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The Guardian has a story on the growing crop of farmers in Africa’s ever expanding cities: “… Across Africa, political leaders, long dismissive of rural concerns, have woken up to…..