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The Prisoner and his Pin-up Girl

The National Geographic issue of July 1975 is as delightful a time capsule as you would expect from the magazine that dictated our understanding of the world. On the very…..

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Newt Gingrich goes to Africa

News that New Gingrich and his third wife, Callista, are going on vacation from his campaign to become the next US president in 2o12, reminded us of the time Newt and…..

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Found Objects, No. 12

Following my brief post (more a series of video clips) about African-American comedians and their ‘Africa’ jokes, blogger/musicologist Wayne & Wax alerted me to this album cover for Richard Pryor’s…..

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National Geographic on “Mandela’s Children”

Like many other mainstream publications, National Geographic Magazine’s June 2010 issue (out May 25) will host a feature on South Africa. The feature is entitled, “Mandela’s Children” (titled for Mandela’s…..