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Walking on water

From the Otelo Burning soundtrack (we still owe the soundtrack a review), here’s ‘Walk on Water’ by Reason. The film about a group of young South African surfers, set in…..

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Mixtapes and Megaupload

I was going to post the link to Das Racist’s latest offering, a funny, irreverent and poignant mixtape by Heems AKA Himanshi Suri, unofficial leader of the NYC rap group, but the FBI has just shut down the file sharing site Megaupload, which Heems used to post his free mixtape, “Nehru jackets.” Apparently Megaupload has been accused of pursuing a business model based on copyright infringement. This comes after a week of high profile protests against the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA). Interesting times indeed.

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The Palm Wine Drinkard

Without a doubt, my favorite group of recent times has to be NYC outfit Das Racist. Dismissed by some as nothing more than stoner rap, to me they are a…..

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The POWA Mixtape

Johannesburg-based Tumi of Tumi and The Volume has released a mixtape. It seems to be in support of People Opposed to Women Abuse and was inspired by the story of…..