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The "Fall" of Capital

On May 18th, Slavoj Žižek, Mamdouh Habashi, Samir Amin, David Harvey and Zygmunt Bauman participated in a roundtable entitled “Meaning of Maghreb?” during the Decolonization: New Emancipatory Struggles conference in Croatia……

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Why Now?

Perry Anderson in The New Left Review: The odious cast of the regimes in place [in North Africa and the Middle East] has persisted unaltered for decades, without triggering mass…..

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'The New Arab Narrative'

Is the new narrative of Arabs and north Africans simply “replacing the long held ‘Arab Exceptionalism’ narrative, which held sway for decades and argued that Arabs because of sociological and cultural…..

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Edward Said's Orientalism Revisited

The Middle East Institute in Washington, DC, has put out a short PDF of critical responses to the late Edward Said’s Orientalism thesis. This is the quick view of the…..

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Juan Tizol was a trombone player, but a composer too (and a borinqueño of course). Here’s he doing his now classic tune, “Caravan,” with the Duke. This film was recorded…..