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#WhiteHistoryMonth: What Britain did in Kenya

The following is the full text of a letter written by David Larder to the Guardian newspaper last year, following the court settlement which saw the UK government pay out £2,670 to each of the 5,228 elderly Kenyans judged eligible for compensation for atrocities committed in the 1950s. The UK government still refuses to apologise for what it did in Kenya. That’s one reason David Larder’s letter is worth reading.

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What white faces did to the Mau Mau

Looks like toothfish won’t save the British Foreign Office this time. The judge presiding over the matter, Justice McCombe, has ruled that the four Kenyan claimants, Jane Muthoni Mara, Paulo…..

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“We can handle the truth. Can you handle the shame?”

I interviewed my colleague at SUNY-Oswego, Faith Maina, just as the story broke about Britain’s involvement in human rights atrocities in Kenya. Faith was only born after Kenya attained independence; but her father—a…..

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Mau Mau and Toothfish

In the same week that the US attorney general, Eric Holder, announced that “key suspects” detained at Guantánamo would be tried through controversial military commissions, rather than in federal court—blaming…..

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The American Right's problem with Kenya

Mike Huckabee, who considers himself a serious Republican challenger for the 2012 American presidential election and who the media takes seriously (he’s also host of a TV “news” show), made…..