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Get Your Football T-Shirt On

Last year, while on a visit to LA, Sean met artists Carolyn Castaño and Gary Dauphin at a friend’s house in Echo Park. Of course, conversation veered to futbol. Sean…..

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All the immigrants’ crimes in Italy

“Content is king,” say the marketers, and even racist bloggers are aware of the main principle driving traffic to a new website. That’s why a group of rightwing bloggers and…..

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Where do footballers playing in the top five European leagues come from?

The CIES Football Observatory in Switzerland (they study football) recently put out an interactive map trying to show where footballers playing in the top five European leagues come from. Unsurprisingly, West Africa’s big five – Ivory Coast, Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria and Cameroon – dominate the African numbers, each contributing around 20 players.

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Mr Balotelli

The estranged son of Ghanaian immigrants reared in Brescia wreaks havoc in Manchester: “Why always me?” read the slogan on Mario Balotelli’s vest. Because, Mario, you’re clearly more than a…..