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Joyce Banda has bigger problems than Madonna

The historian Margery Perham once wrote that “the basic difficulty” with the British colonial technique of indirect rule, of which she was a major architect, was “the great gap between…..

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Malawi’s Twittersphere

When Bingu wa Mutharika was hospitalised in April it was at first extremely difficult to find reliable information about either his personal condition or the high drama of political theatre…..

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Malawians are fed up with Madonna

Malawi is fed up with Madonna and her school daze, with the singer’s refusal to consult and her autocratic ways. Given the autocratic politics of the Mutharika regime, that’s both…..

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Madonna choses Malawi

Kim Yi Dionne is an assistant professor of political science at Texas A&M University. She writes for AIAC about recent coverage of Malawi, actually Madonna in Malawi (that’s the problem). Kim…..

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Madonna: International Human Rights Defender

“The Power of Madonna! Malawi Releases Gay Couple After Madge Protests!” “Madonna saves gay couple in Malawi.” “Jailed Malawian Gay Couple Released After Madonna Petitions.” “A Madonna Miracle? Malawi Releases…..