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‘We found love in a hopeless place’

The central point of this song and music video by violinist Lindsey Stirling (the singer is one Alisha Popat) begins with an invocation of a familiar trope: Africa is a hopeless place. But African love springs eternal. So much so that it saves and teaches privileged people from the west who arrive with fancy hopes of ‘saving’ picturesque Africans. And people love this kind of thing. By late last night this video had nearly half a million views since it was first posted on Youtube on Monday, May 7.

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‘Maasai Cricket Warriors’

The Maasai bear the weight of being one of the original noble savage dream tribals that the British and the Germans salivated over (in India, the Sikhs play the role…..

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Car Commercials and Primitive Peoples

It could have been just another dull TV ad featuring an Inca boy, Maori warriors, or Maasai dancers–heck, why not throw them all in there–and filed as such in the…..