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Zimbabwe’s Forgotten 20%

Zimbabwe makes a good story for western writers and readers. The staggering racism of the Rhodesian whites, the heroic liberation uprising, and Mugabe; a freedom fighter not unlike Nelson Mandela,…..

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100 Years of Land Dispossession in South Africa

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Natives Land Act, which ratified and legalized the exclusion of  South Africa’s black majority from land ownership in favor of the white minority……

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The news about land reform in Zimbabwe

Land reform and Zimbabwe; say those words in any order and you get a reaction. It obviously was a failed and atrocious attempt of a corrupt leader who bribes people…..

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"We want what's our (land)"

“We Want What’s Ours,” a documentary film in progress on the complications of land reform in South Africa in Soweto–in this case competing claims between groups of black South Africans–by…..

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Mugabe's propaganda coup

I finally had a chance to watch Christiane Amampour’s recent interview with Robert Mugabe (to launch her new show) on CNN. I have some comments below, but first here is…..