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The War Story We Need Right Now

American media (and Western media in general) like their “bridge” characters; basically placing a (usually) white Westerner at the center of any narrative, especially of conflict, that happens somewhere else……

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Confessions of three humanitarians

There are days we’d sacrifice our colleagues/morals/integrity to avoid trawling through BS on the Internet. But we couldn’t avoid comment on an article called “Confessions of a humanitarian” that The UK Guardian…..

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Vice News and the war against Boko Haram

If you love violence and video games, watch the recent Vice News report, “The War against Boko Haram” posted on Youtube right before Nigeria’s recent elections. It features reporter Kaj…..

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The problem with the word “genocide”

A century ago, Turkish forces slaughtered more than one million Armenian children, women, and men. This weekend, public conversations during the event’s centenary centered around the politics of deploying the “g-word”—genocide–as…..

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Nicholas Kristof Discovers Angola

The New York Times’s white savior extraordinaire is at again! The man we love to hate to write about has discovered Angola, and Isabel dos Santos (never mind that much had…..