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To discover Stuart Hall …

To discover Hall is to discover the immense possibility of being different. I first encountered Stuart Hall: on the radio. After a crisp introduction from the BBC presenter, Stuart Hall’s…..

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10 songs about Marcus Garvey

Roots reggae singer Fred Locks counts downs the top 10 songs about Marcus Garvey (including his own “Black Star Liners”) from Port Royal, Jamaica for the revamped Large Up. BTW,…..

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Stuart Hall speaks

About 30 minutes worth of ideas from Stuart Hall in an interview last month with the BBC4’s “Thinking Allowed” program. Some of the references brought into the conversation by Hall…..

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Found Objects, No. 13

The UK (via Jamaica) toaster, Tapper Zukia’s “MPLA” off the album from the same name. Because the song (and the album) came out in 1975, some made links to the Angolan…..

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Somewhere in Africa (The Remix)

Remember Meta and Cornerstones’ tune “Somewhere in Africa“? It got a makeover as a remix (with a new video) featuring Peeta of Jamaican reggae band, Morgan Heritage. Have to say I like…..

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Nas and Damian Marley Goes to Africa

I have blogged before about “Distant Relatives,” the collaboration between Nas and Damian Marley where they make explicit the connections African music and rap and reggae. Well, now two of the…..

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Nice short insert from Dutch TV station, Metropolis TV (the inserts are produced by local correspondents) of a young Ethiopian Rasta–a descendant of a Jamaican family who had moved to…..

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It’s Friday, I’m tired, but I’m in a dancing mood. This is good, but my favorite Delroy Wilson track, still? “True Believer in Love.”