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Vanity Fair does Egypt

Vanity Fair’s May issue features a photographic series of young Egyptians dubbed, at various points in the accompanying article, ‘tech-savvy internet activists.’ The first photograph is of Wael Ghonim, the…..

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The World According to Facebook

Facebook intern Paul Butler, who created the map, writes that he wanted to see “how geography and political borders affected where people lived relative to their friends.” He took about…..

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Moçambique Popular

Long before football blogging became commonplace and banal (think Dirty Tackle and The Spoiler), Davy Lane blogged about football. He started again before the 2010 World Cup which took him…..

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Africa, Now With Internet

“… The continent of Africa has been so fucked over from an economic standpoint—as an engineer, how do I use my skills to do something that’s transformative?”  So asked Paul…..

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Nigerian Internet Speak

What’s LWKM? Laugh wan kill me. The blog, Naijaslangs, has already collected 82 Nigerian internet slang words compiled here. (The list grows every day.) [Via Loomnie.]