5 minutes read

Kenya: The monster under the house

At the end of my first term in high school, I watched a screening of Steven Spielberg’s Poltergeist, the tale of an ordinary family unknowingly living in a house built…..

7 minutes read

The verdict on Charles Taylor

Yesterday the Special Court for Sierra Leone found Charles Taylor guilty of aiding the RUF during the Sierra Leonean Civil War. The court case that has taken five years is…..

2 minutes read

The new sheriff

About a week ago, the International Criminal Court announced that Fatou Bensouda would succeed Luis Moreno Ocampo as Chief Prosecutor. This could be big news, but you wouldn’t know it…..

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Mau Mau and Toothfish

In the same week that the US attorney general, Eric Holder, announced that “key suspects” detained at Guantánamo would be tried through controversial military commissions, rather than in federal court—blaming…..