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The Organic Intellectual

I first encountered the late Sam Moyo through his chapter “The Land Question” in Ibbo Mandaza’s seminal edited collection, Zimbabwe: The Political Economy of Transition 1980-1986 published by CODESRIA in…..

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The poverty of ideas in South Africa

I was forwarded the PR for a new book–edited by William Gumede (author of a recent book on Thabo Mbeki) and Leslie Dikeni (brother of poet Sandile)–on South African intellectual…..

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Edward Said. Giant Intellectual

One of my favorite quotes is this line said by Edward Said, intellectual and Palestinian, in an interview with Tariq Ali in 1994: “I’ve never felt myself to belong to any establishment of…..

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I live here, so have to dream. Economist and journalist Doug Henwood (who runs a syndicated radio show, “Left Business Observer”) interviewed one of my favorite left intellectuals, Adolph Reed…..