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5 Questions for a Filmmaker–Branwen Okpako

Gender and African-Diasporic identity in Germany are recurring themes in Lagos-born, Nigerian/Welsh filmmaker, video artist, theatre writer/director and professor, Branwen Okpako’s work. After studying political science at Bristol University and…..

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Lupita Nyong’o and the Mexicans

“How much does the Oscar belong to Mexico?” a reporter asked actress Lupita Nyong’o the day after the 2014 Academy Awards. Her answer “It all belongs to me.” A few months earlier,…..

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Debating Afrocolombianidad

Most people outside Colombia know about the country’s African population through the music of groups like Latin Grammy winners Choquibtown, with their references (see here and here) to Chocó, a…..

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Serge Ibaka is Spanish

Listening to the Spanish commentaries in this video summary (and reading some biographies on the net), you’d be forgiven to believe Brazzaville-born NBA basketball player Serge ‘Air Congo’ Ibaka is…..

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Who Are We?

My man Gary Younge, New York-based feature writer and columnist for The Guardian, has a new book out on 21st century identity politics: Who are We–And Should It Matter in the…..

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If you’re in New York City tonight, go see Polish director Tomasz Magierski’s documentary, “My Father the Luo.” The film revolves around Roma Ndolo, a young Kenyan-Polish woman and her…..

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It's worth repeating things Ernesto Laclau wrote down

Ernesto Laclau in “Constructing Universality”: There is no politics without the creation of political frontiers, but creating such frontiers is more difficult when one cannot rely on stable entities (such…..