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Classic Jukebox N°1: Nigerian Highlife

They just don’t make ‘em like they used to, at least when it comes to Nigerian highlife. Whether that’s good or bad is up for debate. Whatever the case, people…..

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Native Son

Youtube is streaming all of the 44-odd minutes of Blitz the Ambassador’s second studio album, “Native Sun.” The album will be released May 3rd in North America, and May 6th…..

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Music Break

The young Lagos, Nigeria-band Che and the Continuous Highlife Evolution’s striking “Civil War.” As the band puts it on their Facebook page, “… Some people in Africa have known only…..

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Janka in America

By Chief Boima This past September I had the privilege to see Ahmed Janka Nabay, a Sierra Leonean singer currently living on the U.S. East Coast, perform at an underground…..

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The Trumpet King

Jeremy of Naijablog forwarded me this Youtube video of two recorded songs by  Zeal Onyia, the master Nigerian trumpet player from the 1950s of whom Louis Armstrong on a visit…..