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The American President's Mother

Reporter Janny Scott in The New York Times, and the author of “A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mother,” writing about Stanley Ann Dunham: The president’s mother…..

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The American Right's problem with Kenya

Mike Huckabee, who considers himself a serious Republican challenger for the 2012 American presidential election and who the media takes seriously (he’s also host of a TV “news” show), made…..

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Surfing Liberia

Great travel piece–apart from the Robinson Crusoe reference in the sidebar–by Helene Cooper, a New York Times reporter who grew up in Liberia.

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So, You Want to Compare Colonial Empires?

So, is the U.S. any different from other Western colonial powers? Damon Salesa, a professor at the University of Michigan’s Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies Program, explains to Chicago Public Radio……