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Songs for Mandela: Weekend Music Break 64

This post combines Steffan’s wonderful playlist of South African tunes of and for Nelson Mandela and the international playlist we published when we first heard news of the great man’s…..

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Songs for Mandela [International Edition]

When we sent around the AIAC “office” inviting our contributors to suggest songs for Nelson Mandela (both music about him and tracks that could stand as tributes to the man),…..

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'Three soldiers from Somalia'

I reread that infamous 2010 New Yorker profile. of Gil Scott Heron earlier today. I was struck by the conclusion where Scott Heron tells reporter Alec Wilkinson about a novel…..

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Gil Scott Heron

Gil Scott Heron, who rejected the tag as the original hip hop artist, died on Friday afternoon. He had fallen ill while on tour.  This video, which gives a good overview…..

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Music Break

The video for Gil Scott Heron and Jamie X’s “I’ll Take Care of U,” from the album ‘We’re New Here.’ The video posted on Youtube on International Women’s Day, “tells…..

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Monday Blues

The latest video by the original hip hop artist Gil Scott Heron–who is back. This is “I’m  New Here.” Via Ghetto Bassquake.

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Gil Scott Heron is back

The original mc, Gill Scott Heron, has a new album (you can stream it in its entirety already here) coming out next week. These two songs–his cover of  Robert Johnson’s…..