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Tanzania and the Palestinian Struggle

The current conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has once again brought to the forefront the suffering of the Palestinian people. It has reignited the debate on collective punishment they are…..

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19th New York African Film Festival: Shorts!

Short films sometimes get a bad rap — they’re considered a “learning exercise” for film school students, or worse, they’re made synonymous with boring, pretentious art house… stuff. This year’s…..

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Lupe Fiasco And Black Presidents

UPDATE: I’m eating crow. ¬†Earlier today I posted an excerpt from an interview with the¬†Chicago rapper, Lupe Fiasco, who gained some fame with his “Kick Push” song. Setting up the…..

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Glass Houses

An Israeli newspaper last week revealed (more celebrated) that Judge Richard Goldstone,¬† the Jewish South African judge–who was the primary author of a UN report in September last year that…..

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No need to explain. Then I’ll give the plot away. Reminds me of the films of Harun Farocki.