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White History Month

Writer and journalist Gary Younge in a 2007 column in “The Nation”–that’s still worth repeating–on Black History Month (that’s every February here in the US). … So much of Black…..

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American Election

Some of the things that come out of the mouths of American voters in Gary Younge’s excellent online series of short video reports (for “The Guardian”) ahead tomorrow’s US midterm…..

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Who Are We?

My man Gary Younge, New York-based feature writer and columnist for The Guardian, has a new book out on 21st century identity politics: Who are We–And Should It Matter in the…..

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Video: The Media and Obama

I was one of the principal organizers of this “conversation” between journalists and commentators Gary Younge and Ian Buruma last Friday night at The New School in Manhattan. (I make…..

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Barack Obama may be joking about his blackness, but as Gary Younge, the excellent Guardian journalist based in New York City (and a neighbor) breaks it down in the commentary…..