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Making African Celebrity Culture

Soon after the MTV Africa Music Awards chief executive drops hints that there will be a special guest, Khloe Kardashian and her entourage appear at the awards’ press conference in Durban, South…..

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Dear Mandela, …

Midway through ‘Dear Mandela’, Mazwi Nzimande, one of its young protagonists, is rallying a crowd. He’s young, nervous. He looks down at his hands as he takes the microphone, wearing…..

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Walking on water

From the Otelo Burning soundtrack (we still owe the soundtrack a review), here’s ‘Walk on Water’ by Reason. The film about a group of young South African surfers, set in…..

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This is democracy

In Durban, South Africa, “shackdwellers are taking their municipality to court. The government evicted poor residents from their homes … [in order to allow the construction of a road] ……..

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Cape Town is ‘the most dangerous’ city in Africa

In the latest of those ubiquitous lists/rankings floating around the web, a Mexican research group has listed the world’s most dangerous cities based on homicide rates. Most of the top candidates are listed from Central and South America. So, which African city gets the top honors to represent us?