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When W magazine went to Johannesburg

Praise be to W magazine for its vanguardism! They have finally and single-handedly put the rest of the world on to how hip, cosmopolitan, and modern the city of Johannesburg…..

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Spoek Mathambo’s World

No we’re not on a mini-Spoek Mathambo marathon today. Intrigued by Spoek’s remix of Seun Kuti and the trailer for his new album, we googled Spoek anew and stumbled upon this…..

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Die Antwoord butchering old beats

What Die Antwoord always wanted was to play with the spectacular to get people’s attention. As one does as an artist, I assume. In their new video, they get official help from Roger Ballen. Die Antwoord play the game well; whether they play it fair is open for interpretation.

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What's a parody of a parody of a parody?

And with this, we hope to close our current chapter on Die Antwoord. Bruce Lee and Rolanda Fisher, ‘outraged by the copying of their style and demand[ing] recognition and money,’…..

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Anton Kannemeyer's Africa

By Lily Saint* Die Antwoord skirts–and often dabbles in–homophobia and racist depictions in their videos and lyrics. Ostensibly to shake white South Africans out of their “middle class stupor.” Most…..

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Watch The Throne

Remember when¬†South African artist Gazelle postured with his crew for the cover of the Chic Afrique album in 2009, dressed as a white caricature of Mobuto Sese Seko surrounded by…..

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Die Antwoord's at it again

We promised ourselves we won’t get drawn into this. This is the week in which Cape Town viral rappers Die Antwoord released the music video for their new single “Fok…..

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The first-encounter aesthetic rush

If you’re wondering what took us so long to say something about South African rapper Spoek Mathambo’s new music video — for his cover of Joy Division’s “She’s Lost Control”…..

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'Evil Boy'

The work of South African photographer Alexia Webster. That’s ‘Evil Boy,’ from Die Antwoord. See here and here.