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Ebola: Where we are; where we should be

Is it coincidental that the so-called Ebola humanitarian crisis—dubbed global complex emergency by the West—is unfolding on the upper Guinea coast the site of intense activities during the European slave…..

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It’s Africans’ turn to help Norwegians

Who ever said Norwegians don’t have a sense of humor? Just in time for the holidays, a Norwegian group calling itself Radi-Aid has launched an appeal to ship radiators from…..

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'The Solar Oven Fallacy'

“There are three myths about technology,” [according to] Harish Hande, founder of SELCO-India, a “social enterprise” that has sold solar lighting systems to 112,000 households in India. “One is that…..

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Making A Difference in Africa

[vodpod id=Video.3188503&w=425&h=350&fv=] A scene from the new HBO series, “How to Make it in America,” about a group of (mainly male) friends trying to make it in New York City…..