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First Lady Marieme Faye Sall: ‘The good Senegalese woman’

Senegal’s new first lady, Marieme Faye Sall, represents a break with the country’s political history after independence. Madame Sall’s husband, Macky Sall, has just been elected as President of Senegal. Her significance lies in the fact that she is the first woman of Senegalese birth and ancestry to become First Lady of Senegal.

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The dancing Senegalese man

Senegal voted this weekend. Abdoulaye Wade is gone after 12 years. Macky Sall, once Wade’s protege and variously prime minister and minister of mining under the old man is now in charge. We hope to have a few post election analyses posts up in the next few days. Till then enjoy the exuberance of “the dancing man” filmed by Al Jazeera journalist Azad Essa in Dakar last night.

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Y’En A Marre’s political hip-hop anthems

8 of 13 Senegalese opposition candidates trying to unseat Abdoulaye Wade in the upcoming presidential elections (including three former prime ministers under Wade, and no-longer-candidate Youssou N’Dour) gathered on Obelisk Square in Dakar last Sunday. The rally went peaceful, “crowds of color-coordinated supporters awaited while listening to political hip-hop anthems in Wolof.”

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Music Break. Fatima Al Qadiri

Senegal-born, Kuwait-raised musician and artist Fatima Al Qadiri just premiered her new EP, “Genre-Specific Xperience,” in New York. The project consists of 5 songs each with corresponding video. Above is…..

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Dakar Hustle

Video for spoken word from Senegalese rapper Keyti–remember him? Keyti was one of the stars of Ben Herson’s 2009 documentary film about hip hop and politics in the Senegalese capital,…..

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Subsidizing North Korea

ArtAsiaPacific has a feature essay on North Korea’s Mansudae Art Studio, which operates under the ‘special guidance’ of the country’s leader, Kim Jong-Il, and produces propaganda art–paintings, public sculptures–for the…..

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Dakar Modern

I’ve been wanting to post for a while now about the Digital Diaspora Family Reunion.  Primarily the work of the filmmaker Thomas Allen Harris; remember Harris film, “The Twelve Apostles of Nelson Mandela,” about…..

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T.I.A.* (BMX Edition)

Shot in Dakar, Senegal. Via Faith 47 Blog (H/T Chinnaya Nwosu) * Part of our meme, ‘This is Africa.’