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Havana and Washington: On African Time?

Was it ever in doubt that the first African American president of the United States would wish to crown his legacy by normalizing relations with the most African island in…..

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The Contemporary Mark of Assata Shakur

This past July, icon of Black American activism Assata Shakur’s autobiography was re-pressed by Zed Books in London. At times thought to be dormant, black American activism has seen a resurgence in recent…..

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Bebo Valdés: 5 films to remember him by

It is hard to underestimate the importance of pianist Bebo Valdés’ contributions to Cuban music. “Bebo”, who passed way at the age of 94 in Stockholm, Sweden yesterday, is considered to have…..

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Sunday Ephemera No.2

Whatever rightwing propaganda you’ve been fed or whatever you think of Fidel Castro now (no one should be leader of a country for more than 40 years), you can’t deny…..

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Music overload the last few days. Lots of work. I love this video (filmed by Andrew Dosunmu) and this band. This was filmed at the Paul Robeson theater which is…..