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Maboneng on fire

I was retweeting things like “It was only a matter of time #Maboneng” after someone was shot in the head during the eviction protests in Jeppe; that afternoon on my…..

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African Cities Win Prizes

The United Nations released its annual State of the World Cities report this week and three South African cities top the list: Three South African cities top the list of…..

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Staying Alive in Johannesburg

Part 1, above, of the Dutch TV documentary film, “Staying Alivein Joburg.” The film is limited in its focus–its primarily a walk through inner city Johannesburg ahead of the 2010…..

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For the Love of Johannesburg

From a friend who just moved to Johannesburg: Do you know about this upbeat blog about Johannesburg? Not fancy or anything but always interesting to read slightly more positive news…..