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The Two Sudans

On July 6 2011, the world’s diplomatic elite flocked to one of the globe’s most underdeveloped regions to bask in the warm glow of the birth of a new nation……

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Wang Zhe's images of Chinese in Africa

“Africa Dream – Chinese in Africa,” by Chinese photographer Wang Zhe, will be showing in Marie du XIIIème in Paris. The blurb advertises the exhibit as “Oeil de Chine/Coeur d’Afrique”:…..

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China's Nigerian Pop Star

The Nigerian-born performer Emmanuel Uwechue, a k a Hao Ge, has risen to stardom singing in Mandarin Chinese. The New York Times.

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The Land Deals

Examine the 21st century’s land deals in African countries, and it’s mostly a collection of unequal “agreements” struck with wealthy nations and companies, busy securing land on which food will…..

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Wole Soyinka has opinions

Wole Soyinka was arranged to be in “conversation” with Kopano Matlwa, the winner of the Wole Soyinka Prize for African Literature at the very pink Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape…..