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The Two Sudans

On July 6 2011, the world’s diplomatic elite flocked to one of the globe’s most underdeveloped regions to bask in the warm glow of the birth of a new nation……

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Wang Zhe's images of Chinese in Africa

“Africa Dream – Chinese in Africa,” by Chinese photographer Wang Zhe, will be showing in Marie du XIIIème in Paris. The blurb advertises the exhibit as “Oeil de Chine/Coeur d’Afrique”:…..

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China's Nigerian Pop Star

The Nigerian-born performer Emmanuel Uwechue, a k a Hao Ge, has risen to stardom singing in Mandarin Chinese. The New York Times.

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The Land Deals

Examine the 21st century’s land deals in African countries, and it’s mostly a collection of unequal “agreements” struck with wealthy nations and companies, busy securing land on which food will…..