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A fresh dose of the Chimurenga Chronic

For those of us seeking to get our fix of media with substance, it’s time once again to take a hit of the Chronic. Chimurenga, the recalcitrant pan-African multimedia institution…..

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The New Chimurenga

From its inception as a one-off experiment in Cape Town more than 10 years ago, Chimurenga Magazine, founded by Jean Noel Ntone Edjabe, has evolved into arguably the most creative, incisive political arts and literary publication produced on the African continent, or anywhere for that matter. Over the years, with its highly original content and design, Chimurenga, which is also edited by Stacy Hardy, has adroitly demonstrated to its readers how to question (mis)representations of African people and politics. This week their new issue, the Chronic, launches worldwide.

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Il Manifesto

It may come across as self-indulgent and somewhat presumptuous that I named the original version of Africa is a Country “The Leo Africanus.” But it was also a fortuitous choice…..

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My favorite photographs N°1: Zachary Rosen

We’re starting a new weekly series today. We ask photographers who make portraits of African subjects to introduce us to their work. Basically they pick their five favorite photographs, describe…..

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Exhibition. Millennium Magazines

At the MoMA, the Millennium Magazines exhibition aims to show a “survey of experimental art and design magazines published since 2000 [exploring] the various ways in which contemporary artists and…..

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White Writing

Years ago, during my first years as a hired hand in academia, I was more careful about doing The Right Thing. I’d read JM Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians as…..

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'Pop Culture Politics'

Short video profile of 10 South African artists featured in the exhibition “… For Those Who Live In It: Pop Culture Politics and Strong Voices,” in Eindhoven in the Netherlands…..

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The International Magazine Meeting

Art Berlin Contemporarystarting today through the February 27th, featuring “… the most engaging publications in the current sphere” (including Cape Town art-politics magazine “Chimurenga”: A prior, Afterall, Archive Journal, Chimurenga,…..