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‘Fictional’ Cape Town

French photographer Cécile Mella’s project “Fictional Cape Town,” documents the manufactured worlds produced by advertising firms using locations around Cape Town as a stand-in for European, British or American scenes. So that “… a characteristic wine farm is transformed into a Dutch homestead, or a Long Street cafe becomes a Parisian bistro for a day or two.”


10 photographers to watch in 2012

As part of a series of year-end posts–we’re taking a break from Friday, December 23, till January 5, 2012, we’re hoping to post 10 “Lists of 10” this week. (We’re trying to be cool by calling it “10×10”). So two lists per day. Orlando Reade, who blogs for us from London, starts us of with his list of 10 photographers to watch in 2012. He’s picked five African artists and five Europeans who have been working in Africa.