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Bono knows an immense amount

The Guardian’s “Poverty Matters Blog” on Friday claimed “… there is no simple answer to whether we should or should not use stars to promote good causes,” especially when it…..

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Blinded by Red Ribbons

And what has Mr. Bono been doing lately? Here he is, frolicking with a gala-flawless red satin ribbon. (Caption:”U2 front man, Bono, middle, poses with fellow band member, The Edge,…..

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Out of Africa Redux

Every Journey Began in Africa. Oh, really? Checking in from that mythical magical place known as “Africa” (or, as Women’s Wear Daily reports, an “arid South African vista”) are Bono…..

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'The Religion of the Contemporary West'

Regis Debray wrote a critique of ‘Human Rights.’ Here’s a summary of Debray’s argument by Jacob Collins in The New Left Review : In the present televisual age, in which social relations…..

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Keep Africa Alive*

It’s been four years, but the juggernaut that is (PRODUCT) RED rolls on. And new products keep getting added to what was once only GAP t-shirts, Starbucks lattes and iPod…..

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Bono did something right

You know we give Bono a lot of grief on this site, but in this commercial for ESPN’s coverage of the 2010 World Cup–bar a few disagreements here and there–he…..

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Two Annoying White Men

Another year, another “special” Africa issue. For today, it’s Canada’s Globe and Mail, guest edited by the OGs of Team Save Africa, Bono and Bob Geldof. In their first order…..

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Bono saves the World Cup

The New York Times has published another of rock star Bono’s stupid “op-eds.” This time some nonsense titled “Ten for the Next Ten.”  The last item on the list is…..

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There is so much wrong with this mash-up video by Buenos Aires DJ, Douster, that it is brilliant. And the beat is infections. “The Lion King” meets postmodernism. Zulu King…..