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‘Blood Diamond Bazaar’

“Searching for the world’s newest blood-diamond bazaar …” Yes, that’s the opening lines in a story in this week’s “Time” (by the magazine’s South Africa-based correspondent Alex Perry) about Zimbabwe’s diamond…..

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‘The Blood Diamond Myth’

It would be interesting to hear people’s opinions about this argument by writer Adam Hochchild (the author of King Leopold’s Ghost: ) published earlier this year in  Mother Jones magazine:

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The Supermodel's Revenge

For a brief moment this past August, the world worked itself into a frenzy over Naomi Campbell’s “hostile” turn on the witness stand at The Hague. Finally, it seemed, we…..

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The Model and The Activist

[vodpod id=Video.3581980&w=512&h=296&fv=playerForm%3DDelvePlayer%26amp%3BmediaId%3De5550cbf31d0439a94bf54c4a3caa9e3] We’ve all heard the one about the model and the dictator. The setting is South Africa, 1997. President Nelson Mandela is hosting several prominent figures as guests in…..

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Adam Hochschild on Eastern Congo

From my mate Dan Moshenberg: Adam Hochschild (in “Mother Jones” magazine), who does know something about the Congo, takes us there, and indicts pretty much everyone. Especially foreign multinationals, Western…..

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Soldier Boy

I don’t have much time for the phenomenon that is Soulja Boy and his nonsensical lyrics. Like in “Turn My Swag On.” But a German group, Die Orsons, took the…..