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When the Fokn Bois visited a picturesque Dutch village

I have to be honest; I had to Google Map the village of Lieshout to see where it exactly lays. And as a matter of fact I, as a Dutch person, never even knew that it’s the hometown of beer brand Bavaria, which is a pretty popular beer here (the brand also has Charlie Sheen do ads for them and got into trouble at the 2010 World Cup for it’s “ambush marketing”). So thanks to the Fokn Bois, I’ve learned something about my own country.

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‘Race jokes’ in South Africa

South African advertising is known for its eagerness for political commentary; very little ends up being off-limits. Blink Stefanus, or BS Beer (the double meaning for ‘bullshit’ being an obvious choice)…..

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Guinness for the people

Beer company Guinness’s new commercial “The Ticket,” made for its huge Nigerian market and first unveiled in early January this year, used local actors and crew, has Hausa, Igbo and…..

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The business of selling beer

In the last two decades, SABMiller become one of the world’s biggest beermakers by buying domestic labels and marketing them locally. They’ve hired anthropologists, historians, and sociologists to help sell…..

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Wonder what happened to Vanilla Ice after the reality TV shows stopped calling. He is making TV commercials for South African beer monopoly, SAB-Miller. Hilarity ensues. Ice Ice Baby. HT:…..