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Friday Bonus #MusicBreak

Yes, I’ve been listening to pop music a lot. You get work done and don’t have to think too much. First up above is Nairobi’s Camp Mulla and their generic…..

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Bangs: A Fine Mess

Bangs, the Australian rapper of Sudanese descent, who has made mediocrity into an art form, makes a mess of Christmas. (By the way, if you blink, you might not notice…..

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The Worse Rapper on The Internets?

That’s the only way to explain the “career” of  the really bad rapper, Bangs (Sudan-born, Australian-based), that includes doing TV commercials, being mocked as “The 11th Hottest Rapper in the…..

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10 Music Videos for the Weekend

Since it is Friday, I might as well put up a few music videos. [10] First up is the Kano remix of The Very Best’s “Julia” (remember earlier this year’s…..