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Weekend Music Break 54

Flex Boogie, featured on this song by producer/radio deejay The Prince, is a Pretoria-based hip-hop artist who was part of the pioneering hip-hop group Ba4za at one point. He has…..

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Acoustic Guitar Break

We thought it would be nice to compile a Bonus Music Break centered on acoustic guitar music. First up is Toronto-based Ghanaian Kae Sun with “Lion on a Leash”:

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I'm Gonna Dance

No more “Down on My Knees.” Nigerian-German singer Ayo‘s new–well at least one month old–single of her upcoming March 2011 release, “Billie-Eve,” is all empowerment.

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Video: Interview with Ayo

Video of Nigerian-Gypsy singer, Ayo, who grew up in Germany, talking to Reelback TV, about her background and her music.