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In Praise of Mohamed Aboutrika

My brother, Karim, does a guest post on Mohamed Aboutrika, the 2008 BBC African Footballer of the Year, and arguably one of Egypt’s greatest players as well as a hero off the field. He announced his retirement in the wake of the stadium violence in Port Said.

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The ‘football riot’ in Egypt

On Wednesday, after Al Masry beat Al Ahly 3-1, attackers armed with knives and clubs stormed the pitch. Whether the armed crowds were only Al Masry Ultras or not is still being debated–after all, why attack the spectators and team members of the losing squad?

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Political Football in Egypt

Remember way back when in 2011, when I shouted out Egypt’s crazed football fans for kicking ass during and after the fall of Mubarak? Well, in honor of the upcoming…..

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The Striker from Mauritania

Fans and announcers alike chant “Domoneek Domoneek Domoneeeeek!” each time Dominique da Silva scores a goal for the Egyptian club team Al Ahly (and he scores a lot). ‘Da Silva’…..

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Football: The Cairo Derby

If you want to know more about why every Egyptian football fan you know is in hysterics right now, the Guardian has provided a pretty nice summary of the Cairo…..

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Football is the Opposite of Politics

Football once kept Egyptians distracted, silent, and angry at the wrong people. However, when Egyptians rose up on January 25th to call for the ouster of Hosni Mubarak and his regime,…..