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Safe House

In February, a reporter for DIY, a London based culture and style magazine, sat down at a press junket with Denzel Washington, star and executive producer of the big budget…..

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Tumblr is a country

Yes we have a global domination strategy. WordPress (here), Twitter,  Facebook and now Tumblr.

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Chris Martin’s Brain

Last week, AIAC ran a short post on the then-new video for Coldplay’s most recent single, “Paradise.” On Monday the album went on sale. To refresh the memory: The video…..

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Lady Gaga lives in Lagos

The video for Goldie Harvey’s new single “Don’t Touch,” opens in black and white, on a pair of bejeweled lips.  A rapid sequence of images reveal a female dancing in…..

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A 'new wave' of African film

“Sometimes I wonder: Will God ever forgive us for what we’ve done to each other?” says Leonardo DiCaprio, sullen and bleary-eyed, stoically staring just off camera. “… I look around…..

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Lady Gaga and Bon Iver's saxophone solos

What do Lady Gaga and Bon Iver have in common?  Well, um, give me a minute. Okay, they’re both musicians, have released albums in the last month or so, and are…..