The danger of a single author

You might expect unbridled enthusiasm from literature professors for the “One Book, One New York”…


Political Theater: ‘Breakfast with Mugabe’

“Breakfast with Mugabe,” on extended run Off-Broadway in New York City, is set in Zimbabwe in 2001, on the eve of national elections. Based on newspaper reports of the time that alleged that Robert Mugabe had turned to a white Zimbabwean psychiatrist to help him cope with recurrent visitations by the ngozi, or malevolent spirit, of one of his former comrades, the play delves into the psychological motivations behind Mugabe’s highly controversial land redistribution policies.


Die Antwoord is Badass

The South African group Die Antwoord has a new album coming out next week with a major American music label. You can’t but admire their hustle. Yesterday they debuted a new video for which they recruited a young black rapper called “Wanga,” allegedly a street kid they’ve known for years–flanked by black dancers in blond wigs–who rails against people coming to circumcise him and manages to offend gay people in the process.