Jill E. Kelly

JIll E. Kelly is assistant professor of African history at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. She is also on Twitter: @Jekjek19

#WhiteHistoryMonth: Counter-Revolutionary Agents in Apartheid South Africa

The covert nature of the apartheid regime’s “total strategy” to combat revolution rendered much of South Africa’s deadliest years of history in the passive voice. Griffiths Mxenge: discovered dead by the side of the road. Sizwe Khondile: disappeared. The Cradock Four: burnt bodies found. Inkosi Mhlabunzima Maphumulo: murdered by “persons unknown.”


The film “Zulu”–starring Forest Whitaker and Orlando Bloom–gets lukewarm reviews. Is the novel any good?

Caryl Férey’s 2008 crime novel Zulu won the French Grand Prix prize for best crime novel. The film version, starring Forrest Whittaker and Orlando Bloom, closed the Cannes Film Festival. (Originally, there was talk Djimon Hounsou would star.) The French-South African production received less than stellar reviews post-Cannes. The film is not yet out on general release in the U.S., France, South Africa or anywhere else, but the book is. Is the book any better?