4 minutes read

Typecasting Binyavanga Wainaina

By Caitlin Chandler How do you write about a place that occupies a mythic place in the imagination of outsiders? And how do you write about national and personal identity…..

2 minutes read

Fact Checking Mandela

It’s unfortunate the New York Times Book Review handed the appraisal of three recent books about Nelson Mandela–including Mandela’s own new book–to J.M. Ledgard, identified as “the Africa correspondent for…..

1 minute read

Move Something

By Caitlin Chandler This World AIDS Day, rather than pay attention to celebrities who are “dying digital deaths,” or wearing red, do something small or big that can have an…..

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A new scheme to end poverty?

I know many readers believe that addressing global poverty is a fairly complex issue. Well, I’m delighted to inform you that you’re wrong! Apparently, the solution is simple – let…..

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Review: Border Crossings @ The Studio Museum

Against a rainbow-colored map, a hand traces a route by ship from Tunis, Tunisia to Lampedusa, Italy. As the marker glides across the sea, the narrator recounts his journey and…..

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Jeffrey Gettleman, Our Man in Kenya

Jeffrey Gettleman of the New York Times strikes again. Last month anger resounded across the blogosphere after a bizarre rant by Gettleman appeared in Foreign Policy. In the piece, “Africa’s…..

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Because He's American

The Obama administration announced last week its nomination of Anthony Lake to serve as the new head of UNICEF. Current Executive Director Ann Veneman, a Bush appointee, announced she would…..