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The health news that made the headlines

In November came the news that the Global Fund to fight Aids, TB and Malaria was in a financial crisis, because of declining donor commitments and failure by donors to honor existing commitments. The Fund’s board cancelled Round 11 of its funding applications, which was supposed to provide money for 2011 to 2013.

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Helen Zille's 'AIDS Gestapo'

Just as South Africa is recovering from the havoc wrought by former President Thabo Mbeki’s AIDS denialism, now there’s a new politician spouting all sorts of nonsense – this time…..

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Zoo City to be turned into a film

Zoo City, the award-winning novel by South African Lauren Beukes, is to be turned into a film. Producer Helena Spring, also a South African, won the rights, and will be…..

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Mobile phones and the new 'digital divide'

By Brett Davidson Mobile phones are often touted as the solution to the digital divide, and the answer to a range of development problems. There is undoubtedly a huge growth…..

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What's So Funny

  Cartoonist Andy Mason recently published a history of the art form in South Africa. What’s So Funny? Under the skin of South African Cartooning is the only book of…..

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A history of the world?

This is an interesting little video, presented as a history of the world according to Wikipedia. They’re right it is a history, not ‘the history’ Some say it shows how…..

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Jonathan Jansen’s Burden

Coinciding with a senior government official in South Africa channeling the views of Apartheid ideologues about race, the South African online publication The Daily Maverick Online features a profile of…..

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Save the Museum (in Uganda)

Just about this time last year, Uganda lost a priceless part of its cultural heritage when the Kasubi Tombs were burnt down. The tombs were a UNESCO World Heritage Site…..

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'The Worst Place To Be Gay'

Brett Davidson In a documentary broadcast recently on the BBC, the British DJ Scott Mills travels to Uganda and reports on the rampant homophobia there. (That’s Mills, above, in a…..

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Deafening Silence

Has there been a deafening silence from African artists and musicians following the murder of gay activist David Kato? This Is Africa seems to think so, and I can find…..