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The Spirits of the Dead Miners of Marikana

On Thursday, 13 March 2015, at Cape Town’s Company Gardens, during the Infecting the City Festival, a public arts festival in the City of Cape Town, something unspeakable happened. The…..

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Marikana Memorial

This time last year, platinum workers (all black) at a mine in South Africa’s North West Province, went on an illegal strike against workplace racism, bad conditions, low wages and their ineffective trade union. The standoff started around August 10th, and by August 16th, they had shut down all production. Government Ministers hardly showed their faces. Most of the South African and “global” media made the workers out to be irrational, emboldened by “magic potions.”

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The Book of Marikana

Guest Post by Christopher Webb The day after the police shot 34 miners at Marikana a small group gathered outside the gates of parliament in Cape Town. Barely 100 people,…..

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We Are Called Those Who Have Come*

It was never just about Afrikaans. They wore school uniforms in Soweto in June 1976, and they held signs. Many declaimed against the state’s mandate that classes previously taught in…..

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When Thomas Piketty went to South Africa

Thomas Piketty, the French superstar economist and author of the immensely popular book Capital in the Twenty-First Century, visited South Africa recently to deliver the 13th Annual Nelson Mandela Lecture……