Whining white people*

Can all the whining white people all over Twitter and Facebook please shut up? Just shut up. Stop talking about how stupid ANC voters are. Stop talking about how you’re convinced the EFF are going to kill you in your sleep. Stop calling people baboons. Stop behaving like Helen Zille is the true saviour of South Africa. For the love of Woolworths, stop pretending like you and only you know what Nelson Mandela would have wanted. Stop saying that anyone who voted for the ANC deserves poverty and AIDS and crime. Take a deep breath, and stop.

I’m not, for a second, going to stand here and say the ANC are saints. They’re not. Zuma is not a man I’m proud to call my president. But we’ve just had an election. And whether or not a few boxes of ballots went astray, the vast and overwhelming majority of this country voted for the ANC. And your snide, patronising belief that you know better than them, that’s the slippery slope, right there.

Smugness will eat you alive. But maybe, just maybe, the ANC still have an overwhelming majority because the alternative that voters are being offered just doesn’t cut it. Maybe this is demonstrating the failure of the opposition to really, truly address the issues that voters care about. Human beings are not pure beacons of logic, floating in space. We are emotional beings. That doesn’t make us stupid, it makes us human, not robots. The ANC means so much to so many people. And like it or not, the DA represents so much to so many people.

The ANC brought us democracy. The ANC ushered in our constitution. The ANC have brought a huge amount of change to this country. The ANC have good policies. Why are we consistently creating things to be afraid of? We don’t have enough real problems in this country, we want to have endless paranoid debates about what might happen in your imaginary futures? People are not voting ANC “to support corruption” or “because they don’t care about this country”. So kindly remove your privileged head from your arse.

And while I’m losing my shit, no, I didn’t vote for the ANC, I voted for the EFF. And I wish they’d got more seats. I do think it’s time for change in this country. But not your kind.

* This piece, originally a rant on social media, is republished here with the kind permission of Karen Jeynes.



  1. The ANC did NOT bring us to democracy
    NELSON MANDELA brought us to democracy.

    The ANC is nothing without him.
    And has been nothing since he left.

    1. Aaargh such ignorance young one. Nelson Mandela worked on the instruction of the ANC. He was never a lone ranger. All negotiations, policies and decisions taken were by the ANC collective not the individual

      1. um that is not correct though, the ANC was against most decisions he negotiated, he changed the minds of the ANC, read long walk, but I am not against this article, I love it, I will share it, white people must just chill.

      2. STAAL Burgher – Jirrre!! thats such a lekker STERK Souf Afrikan name. STAAL en sy groot PAAL. Staal, when you moveing to Australia ?

    2. Probably the most ignorant thing I have EVER heard! You should really look up the REAL history of this country

    3. Alfie asb man. Een man het nie Vryheid gebring nie, dit was bewegingings soos die ANC, die PAC, AZAPO en kerke soos die Katoliekte, Methodiste en Anglikaanse kerke wat Vryheid gebring het Madiba was en is vir baie ‘n inspirasie maar die volk wat nou vir die ANC en EFF stem het ‘n geskiedenis.

    4. You’re so fucking ignorant Alfie. Not 1 man can bring about a revolution. He wasn’t alone. Just because he was the face and the leader of the ANC doesn’t mean freedom fighters such as Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu, Steve Biko and etc, etc, did not exist and bring us to democracy. Keep your stupid comments to yourself if you had nothing to contribute to the democracy or lose a loved one due to the struggle. Nx

  2. Well in the sobriety of post election anger or disappointment let me say this. I was angry that there was a possibility that one of the tossed ballots was mine, that my voice might have been tossed away. I was disappointed because as we stand South Africa has the second slowest economic growth rate in Africa, and before you tell me that the world is in a recession. The rest of Africa is facing exactly the same global economic environment that we are and Africa is making their lot more successfully than we are.

    Unemployment grows yearly, taxes grow yearly and you are asking me not to whine about it. After Nkandla, Guptagate, dodged corruption charges and all of the other gaffes committed by the President you are asking me not to whine about it.

    I voted for jobs and stability which i don’t believe the President’s party will be able to deliver. R800 billion has been lost to theft, maladministration or corruption in the last 20 years, not according to white people like me but our previous auditor general Mr Nombembe and you ask me not to whine about it.

    Now that the President has another overwhelming mandate to continue along that path that he has lead us over the past 5 years… You say to me stop whining but i wonder why you aren’t expecting more.

    I sincerely hope that you are worried about the future of your country, the place where you want your children to grow up in??

    1. They had already counted the tossed ballots. And as for our Economy Rome was never built in a day and please remeber that we were bankrupt before democracy… Give them a chance for plucks sakes, white government had so many chances to screw up and recover screw up and recover so pluck it let us live!!!! Stop reading News24 and Mail&Garbbage and truely find out what is really going on. My people are not stupid they wouldnt keep voting for a party that isn’t delivering.

    2. Normally I find that the people who whine the most about our democracy are the least involved in it. People who go to the odd ward council meeting, know who their ward councillor is, understand a paia application and know how to use the public protector. These people don’t whine.

  3. Animal Farm. And anyone embracing the sheer TOXICITY of EFF ideology is doing nothing more that undoing what gains South Africa has made (that of course includes ANC, despite them being a corrupt shadow of their origin).

    1. It is a type of dementia, a sort of mental sickness I always say. How white liberals would embrace almost anything, no matter how evil, undemocratic, simply loathsome as long as it is not white even if it would devour them rainbow peace flags and all – just as long as they can say: now lookie at me – I’m so special, how incredibly more liberal I am than the rest of you racist whiny whites.

  4. History is against you, dear writer. The true sad song is that you do not realize how bad our situation actually is. Nothing to complain about, rather cries or emigration thoughts…

    1. How bad is your situation actually? What have you lost? Or is the idea of sharing killing you inside?

      1. What do you want me to share with you Nonti. The land that was stolen from my forefathers when the British drove them into concentration camps? I have nothing. No land perhaps for this little plot where I bought a house and that I’m still paying off every day. There you are, I believe I owe you nothing, nothing to “share” with you.

        Now what?

  5. You need to go and do some research on world history, African history and South African history. And then you need to go and do some research about democracy and look at countries like India and read about how they vote after their liberation. Then you need to go and read about psychology and how the human brain works after trauma and disappointment… And then you need to stop telling people what to do and creating segregation with your unintelligent comments about, ‘White people’ and ‘your kind’

  6. Not only white people whinge….across the board South Africans whinge about the country. Agreed – the ANC liberated all South Africans and for that I shall be grateful forever. Great article Karen!

  7. Just because the ANC did something great 20 years ago, doesn’t mean we need to vote for them forever. It’s what they are doing NOW that matters – that’s the whole point of having frequent elections. The country has been liberated, hooray, thanx ANC or Madiba (or whoever you want to applaud), now lets talk about schools and water. I also don’t like people whining but I think this article is way too shallow to really address how complicated the current situation is. She might as well have just said: stop whining, you irritate me.

  8. I like your article Karen, but my whiny-ass opinion is that your standards and expectations are too low.

  9. Haai shame girl, you are satisfied by so little. That mush be so hard. Whining about whining people. Tsk tsk. Hypocrite much?

  10. It’s just a little suspicious in a developing country like SA where there the country needs all the financial help it can get , the Red Cross sent about £19 mill in aid , President Zuma’s home developed a £17 mill extension ….. Mmmm #justsaying

  11. Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Mediocre minds discuss people.

    Ergo, average article at best. Hypocritical at worst, but I guess this subtlety escaped the writer…

    1. And how is this for an idea. What nobody seems to have picked up on, the African nationalists (ANC/EFF) have a 2/3 majority now – enough to change the Constitution, perhaps to shut up us whiny [racist] whites for good?

  12. Well, that was a waste of time… did you just write an article whining about whining people?

    1. Correct, an article whining about people whining. It used to be ironic on the net, now its just a given.
      The truth is we all whine, black, white, indian. Its just that your exposure/reach on fb is extended to other white people, therefore we must think only white people complain. And how many strikes a year does SA host? It definately isnt just whites striking. So throw the whole race card out and we are left with whining people trying to find the right goverment. If we dont talk about it with one another how will this country progress?

  13. You guys are slipping. ‘Rant’ and analysis are different beasts and this is most definitely the former. I’m sorry you’re angry, but the unnecessary racial profiling is offensive. Being politically dissatisfied applies across all groups and if you really think it’s only white people ‘whining’ – calling for change -you’re as blinkered as those you accuse in the article.

    This coming from a white voter who cast votes for two small minority parties. None of the major parties meet the mark. Let’s see a shift in leadership of all of them over the next 12 months and get some internal change going.

  14. This article is the biggest load of sensational bullshit!Firstly, the writer should stop making the distinction between black and white…Thats the first and biggest problem!!!!I thought were were over the whole racial segrigation thing, this stupid article promotes this.
    The outrage comes from the fact that majority of the voters are uneducated and as a result easily mis informed and swayed, due to the ancient fact that ANC liberated them from Apartheid, how do you want a person to make an informed decision when they dont even know how to read or write, let alone understand what any of the parties manifestos prescribe? A report showed that AIC recieved a unusal amount of votes due to the fact that it closely resembles ANC. i do however agree that the whiners should instead use their energy to inform and educate the majority abut these things. If someone could find a way to channel all this energy into that objective i think we would have a positive outcome. I think that all this outrage is a posiive thing, it shows people are waking up and standing up for their country!!!Please stop writing sensational crap and try inform people of the facts this aurthor has a lot of power to reach the masses and instead tries to rant and rave and promote her own opinion!!!!Thanks!!!

  15. You voted for EFF? are you fucking Nuts? The leader is a corrup fraudster…how can you even consider such? If you have a corrupt leader no matter how good the manifesto is, its useless because the person controlling it is A FRAUDSTER!!!!oh my god now im actually Angry with this stupid Aurthur!!!!YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO MAKE YOUR OPINION HEARD PLEASE STICK TO WRITING NOVELS AND FAIRY TALES AND STOP FURTHUR MIS INFORMING PEOPLE!!!!!

  16. I agreed with most of it but when you said you voted EFF you shat on any credibility you had created.

  17. Sad thing is this had to have been written by a white person in order for it to be taken seriously. Otherwise it would have been dismissed as another stuck-in-the-past rant or ‘race-card’ piece written by a bitter black person. I don’t think anything she’s saying is novel. I think the fact that she’s been given a platform to point out that blacks who vote ANC aren’t ‘baboons’ or uneducated fools in need of that life-altering white light is just fucked up if you think about it. Of course they aren’t! They’re simply voting for the party which best reflects and espouses their views and interests – that’s what democracy is all about. I don’t think she should be praised for pointing out the blindingly obvious. It just accentuates and contributes to the messed up race dynamics in our country. White people – de Vos and the like – always have to be the ones who confirm our feelings or thoughts on race are valid and not ‘biased’ or ‘irrational’. It’s bullshit. I liked her rant but I found a line of self-congratulatory smugness in her writing. She didn’t have to mention she voted EFF. So what? There are plenty of people – black and white – who did the same. Does she want the struggle heroes of yesteryear to give her a noddy badge for her ‘colourblind’ ways? Spare me.

    1. So when we see DA supporters making racist comments on social sites we should believe DA is a party of racists?

      1. So when we see DA supporters making racist comments on social sites we should believe DA is a party of racists?

  18. The ANC has failed to deliver period. If we allow politicians to remain in power when they are blatantly corrupt then what are we saying to future leaders. Remember it took FW and Madiba both black and white. We all as the people make this country what it is, not politicians. Do you seriously think that wealthy people like Zuma, Hellen or Julia’s understand the needs of ordinary people. We all just want to live a semi decent life where they are the definition of greed. If our economy does not grow and develop we will fall into the sad spiral so many other countries in Africa are suffering with. Ps this article could be defined as Whining. Think about more then youself and only this moment in time.

  19. Like I said “63% of South Africa remind me of a wife getting beaten up, cheated on and lied to by her husband, yet she will still not leave. We can help you stamp out corruption, we can help you get jobs, we can bring down the crime rate. we can help you buy your first home, we can educate you (Eg.Western Cape), BUT unless you help yourself we can do nothing. No more complaining about the issues in this country… you choose them!”

    1. Except that those that benefit from all the good the DA does in the ‘city of Cape Town’ are blind to what’s really happening on the other side of the mountain. Jo’burg gets a bad reputation, definitely, but no reads the fine print of these Cape Town/Western Cape arguments. Pay attention to what the author is really saying by writing “Kindly remove your priviliged head from your arse”

  20. Wow, just wow. I Remember the first time I had a great opinion to post with zero facts. No I don’t cause changing people’s minds does not come from your emotional human being minds. It comes from educating so e one on the statistics and reasons. Honestly I don’t really care what happens as to me coming from a moderately rich white background, the ANC does more for me as i can get richer faster due to the ways in which the government is set up and I don’t so anything illegal. It’s just that the system set up can be manipulated for those whom have an education. So please by all means continue to vote ANC. My future is set.

    1. You not the only one whose future is set. So don’t go around giving yourself a pat on the back with your patronising tone.

  21. Some interesting points raised. All South Africans should really think twice before they blab all over social media sites. The fact is that we could be much worse off under another government – the ANC has it’s strong points and weak points but they serve the interests of the overwhelming majority. So here’s a some historical facts to help put things into perspective. The National Party reigned for over 40 years representing a minority. The press was prohibited from printing anything that was not pro-government. Nationalization was common place. People died in police custody and were detained without reason. The ANC has done a damn site better than them. But, we would be better off if the opposition was stronger and if the ANC had less support only because it would prevent them from becoming complacent and prevent them from getting too arrogant – keep them on there toes so to speak. It’s time for people to respect each other and to work together for the benefit of all South Africans irrispective of race.

  22. Dankie Karen…I support you exercising your right to free speech and choice. That’s what democracy is about. Frankly I don’t have to agree with your political choice, but I admire what you just said.

    People are practicing pure ignorance, and the vitriol must stop already!

    Oh yes, not everyone is corrupt. There many hard workers out there.


  23. white south africans have never been able to self civilize they remain the only self identified social block or group in SA who vote as a tribe and even think as a tribe,they wallow in their unearned privileges knowing fully well that it has come at a horrible price for black south africans,more than anything they would like the present social inefficiencies to remain cause they have benefited and continue to benefit,this is why they vote on mass to the one party that guarantees the present social hierarchy: white males on top black women at the bottom.
    it comes as a shock that a few among their tribe have raised their consciousnesses and intellect as to how privilege works, and why race and gender matter.
    black south africa dragged white south africa,kicking and screaming,into this open/democratic/ progressive dispensation and all that whites have done is try and work against it but the lessons of the last 20 years should at some point start to register YOU DONT MATTER! and THE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DON ABOUT!!

    1. In fact it is the ANC government that forces Verwoerdian tribalism and identity politics “Whites, Coloureds, Indians and Africans” on us. It is the ANC and African nationalism that has failed to “self civilize”. Stop blaming whites. Take a trip through Africa and you would know why this tendency towards racial and tribal identity politics are so strong and who exactly failed to “self civilize”.

    2. Kwame, white people were not dragged kicking and screaming into democracy. When whites were given the opportunity to voice their views, 70% (a clear majority) voted in a referrendum to move into a democracy. Generalizing about any race is dangerous. Most of us (black and white) are hard working and good people trying to eak out a living and support our families, hopefully offer them a better life. There is no denying that things need to change. However, Whites do count. They pay taxes that the ANC needs to function. They also set up the infrastructure (second to none on the African continent) that the ANC has inherited. But perhaps it’s time they focused on other matters too because while people are debating on the matter the Chinese are silently recolonizing Africa under everyone’s noses.

  24. A lot of the statements and assumptions in this article are not true… 1st, these white people that complain in the first paragraph are far and few. 2ndly, it is the EFF and IFP complaining of missing ballod boxes. 3rdly those voters that keep voting in the ANC are ignorant and not stupid as you claim we call them. 4th, the ANC did not bring democracy, the people and their struggle did. And lastly I think that the author clueless and should actually read up on the mandates of the political parties she is discussing.

  25. Yes, of course you voted for the other thief, Julius M. And we’re supposed to take your ranting seriously?

  26. Yup I agree with all the comments below. ANC of old fought for freedom. Where is that ‘freedom’ now?? People are being threatened to vote ANC otherwise ‘apartheid will come back’, plus a whole bunch of other nonsense? How can this be for the good of the people? But it’s true, so many people still support them because they are very sentimental about the party that freed them. Now… I don’t know but it’s high time people open their eyes. The ANC of today are ignoring the principles for which Mandela and the ANC of old stood. They are bringing shame to what those people fought and died for. And the EFF… everything for free. Please……

  27. Yeah there’s a surprise that they voted EFF.

    EFF’s slogan is “holiday in SA for whites is over”, so yes “privileged” whites as they say have a right to be legitimately scared of being killed by them.

    Yes ANC brought democracy to SA … But they did NOT do it alone, people involved in other parties (yes even some within the DA) fought along side the ANC to bring democracy to SA.

    When I was stood waiting to vote in a que in the UK, an ANC activist/advertiser/whatever was speaking to people trying to get them to vote ANC, I saw the most wonderful thing. A coloured lady said she would not vote ANC, long story short, she was on the front line protesting FOR the ANC, taking time off school to protest FOR them, and even she can see they have let the country as a whole down.

    Do your own research on parties there are not only DA, ANC and EFF so stop assuming every white person automatically voted DA.

    Further more the “slippery slope” is not people (whites as they are referring to whites only) thinking they know better, but rather the pathetic racism people like YOU hold onto.

    Stop automatically thinking whites are privileged, I grew up bouncing from place to place, lived in a caravan park for a couple years, worked and went to high school, and fought my own damn way to where I am right now. I did not sit around waiting for the government to get better, people and the government to give me a hand out. I went out and got it my damn self!

    So how about you pull your own damn head out your ass and stop making assumptions.

    P.s. I have seen a lot of blacks, coloureds and Indians also whining about the current political on goings.

    1. It’s not because blacks are smarter, or morally superior, or anything else about them dispositionally. It’s simply a function of the situation they are in— a situation that allows them, indeed forces them to notice things that white people’s situation makes it very hard for them to see.its clear if you are willing to open your eyes to see that the DA poses a far graver menace to the future of SA than the EFF cause the DA does not seek to change a social and political system based on exploitation please whites understand First, modern inequality isn’t about graduates or matric pass rates. It’s about oligarchs.if the your much loved DA has its way we’re on our way toward a society dominated by wealth, much of it inherited, rather than work.this wealth comes from returns on the wealth they,a few rich whites, already have. Basically, the system is rigged so that being rich only makes people richer.
      SA needs reform whether you like it or not the EFF offers SA that opportunity to re-calibrate its democracy again it falls on black south africans to save south africa.
      do your self a favor actually read the EFF’s manifesto instead of being a none thinking robot whose opinion is shaped by self interested TV talking heads and fear mongering white politicians how soon you have forgotten that these are the very same guys that convinced you that you are white,special and more than human and you should stock up on beans cause the blacks want to rape your women and steal your house while they stole 6 billion rands during the dying days of apartheid.2014 white SA are at it again,the EFF wants to kill whites! if your a middle class working white you really dont have anything the EFF wants you dont own land you dont have any wealth! but you are the first idiot to protect and speak for the rich bastards who have been getting richer and richer during apartheid and post apartheid who the hell do you think is bank rolling the DA!? its time for whites to grow up!

      1. Yes Kwame that’s exactly it, definitely well done, did you actually read my note or just decide to have your rude and racist rant without thought?

        You’re entitled to your opinion, but I guess I’m not hey cause I must just be another white person wanting to bring back the days of apartheid.

      2. “if your a middle class working white you really dont have anything the EFF wants you dont own land you dont have any wealth!”

        Which describes the vast majority of whites in South Africa. So let me start off and suggest that when the ANC/EFF start ranting about “whites” again they should be a little more careful about racist generalisation and stereotyping and you would magically find more “whites” who are much less defensive and more willing to vote for them.

  28. There’s a difference between ANC members and ANC leaders… Don’t get it twisted!

  29. Your article was worth a skim read and not even that. You’re a whiner and not even a very pertinent one. So let me quote you on this, Karen please shut up.

    1. “The ANC brought us democracy. (20 years ago.) The ANC ushered in our constitution. The ANC have brought a huge amount of change to this country.(Bad Change.. not all change is good change..) The ANC have good policies.” (Satire I hope?)

      Great piece of writing. JJ.. I took it as sarcasm because anyone being this serious about ANC and EFF must be taking the piss. We all know EFF doesn’t have voters with this much brain power supporting them..and obviously if our general population were educated properly they wouldn’t be voting for ANC either. (Learn from your mistakes..then make the same mistakes again next election)

      KAREN,,.. please shut up.,.. your writing is kak… the party you voted for is kak.. your surname looks kak.. and this sad sack piece of writing is even more KAK,

      Have a kak day and please stop writing KAK like this.

      123 Malema’s Gat Road
      Toilet Seat Palace
      Kak Town

      1. To ignore the policies the ANC has implemented in terms of school feeding programmes, National Students Financial Aid Scheme, RDP and installing water pumps and to drier and poorer regions of South Africa, providing RDP houses, building infrastructure, building roads and installing electricity in rural areas. There are probably many more things the ANC has done which no one gives them credit for. I did not vote ANC in these elections because I will not allow any party to have a 2/3 majority in the National Assembly (that would be a danger to our Constitution). Give the ANC some credit, their present condition does not eradicate the impact their policies have had on a previously disadvantaged people.

        1. “I did not vote ANC in these elections because I will not allow any party to have a 2/3 majority in the National Assembly (that would be a danger to our Constitution).”

          I would have much preferred that to a mob of fascists in parliament now dictating which way the constitution vote should go.

          “He also pledged to give the ANC, which got over 62% of the vote, the two-thirds it requires to change the Constitution in Parliament to introduce radical policies such as land expropriation without compensation.” – http://www.citypress.co.za/politics/wont-second-cope-julius-malema/

    1. I went red beret way too! SA needs a loud socialist voice.No more liberal opposition who are mostly pandering to the capitalist elite who elegantly pander to the sick americentric global economy.

      1. Hi Karen. I think you need to go and read up on what the difference between “socialism” and “national socialism” is. Back in 1922 many white mineworkers marching under a red flag were killed in what is now known as the Rand Revolt. Thirty years later the Afrikaner nationalists, supported by the same militant white workers took over control of South Africa. There are many, many analogies between what happened then and what will happen in South Africa with growth of EFF after Marikana. If you are a “white, coloured or Indian” suppporting the EFF – be careful what you wish for my dear, they are wolves in sheep clothing – do not be mislead. http://www.sabc.co.za/news/a/0b3ee78043e61a0da812a88e5b194ed0/EFF-and-the-threat-of-fascism-20140605

      2. Your understanding of Socialism is very limited. I think you should read up about Fascism (or as it is also called national socialism, as pointed out by the previous commentator). The EFF is primarily a nationalistic party, which is not at all compatible with traditional socialism. The HNP also advocated the nationalisation of land and mines – but for the benefit of poor Afrikaners. The EFF are essentially a far right wing party, which a lot of people refuse to acknowledged because they’re black. Even Cosatu has referred to them as right wing.

  30. I have only seen bewildered and depressed commentary, very little whining. This article however, is whiny as hell.

  31. as much as i agree that the whining can stop now –

    couple of points…

    1 – the ANC didn’t “bring in” the changes. The old NAT government did – after 40 years, find a fairly graceful way to out themselves. It’s the dude who runs the baton to the next corner that gets it there. even if someone else finishes the race.

    2 – yeah – ANC / DA / ? means a lot to people. But – government as an institution is a redundant concept. Good people know what to do and bad people will find a way around the rules. We don’t need a political leader, we need functional changes to our infrastructure and systems in a business-oriented way. To fix service delivery and the safety of the peeps in the country. It’s not happening to the extent it should right now. service delivery and ideologies are like – i dunno – two really random things to lump together to try and govern a country. you COULD have the one down to an art and suck at the other. maybe the functions need to be split. it should also reduce the power of teh dude in charge because apparently power corrupts…

    3 – The ANC’s current incumbents do not represent the vision and the commitment of the people who brought it into life. so we’re voting for someone because their ma and pa were on the right track. the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and the road to a whole new hell is paved with other people’s good intentions…

    4 – the baboon thing was itching as I tried to not read many people’s comments and posts all over FB. i agree. STOP. it’s bulltwang. but – may i add, that we may need a way of seeing each other NOT as different races. And inasmuch as it is offensive to go – you’re white, you’re non-white… it’s also offensive to go you’re black – and you’re a second rate citizen. i’m saying that because as a whitie in this country, someone who jumps off a ship who is of chinese descent and has the inclination to apply for a job, will get the job before i do. just saying. you’re not going to get anybody past the “let’s pick out a racial classification to pick on for the day”, if we don’t stop classifying folks into those groups in the first place.

    so – here’s to a non-governmented south africa who works well in terms of service delivery, respects diversity and who really tries to get along with each other. then we can get back to judging each other for the cars we drive, the money we make / don’t make, and if we bake or boil eggs for breakfast.

  32. I disagree with your critics. Your observation ( refreshing and of course- valid) was not a whine. However, faced with the reality of South Africa today- it needs a lot more wine. A whole LOT more!

  33. Very small minded comment.. Seems as a retaliation to all the annoying posts on Facebook and Twitter (which might I add, are not only white people) rather than something that is logically thought out

    1. This article touches on the very fulcrum of our South African conundrum. As such, being small minded is the point because it is indeed a very small splinter that remains in the eye of the ANC when a massive tree trunk, decades old is still stuck in most of our non-ANC citizens heart.

  34. I think u should get over your self and take the time you took to write this kak and do something worth while…..coz Ur the one whining like a fucking idiot.

    1. Such animosity clearly displays an attitude that is not helpful but intrinsically bitter. Your freedom of speech allows you to speak but your attitude will result in you being ignored, as I am sure you feel constantly in this vast black ruled country. If you want to be heard a single vote and odd swear word is not going to help you. Rather gain the attitude of becoming a productive and precious member of South African society and your opinion will be counted.

  35. It is clear (as it has been from the start) that the solutions for SA will have to come from this black majority because a privileged, first world educated and predominantly white solution will never be accepted even if it has proven to work elsewhere in the world. I do not think that this black majority’s willful insistence on doing it themselves is wrong but should be respected. I commend their dogged perseverance and think it is high time that the black majority of SA do their thing and impress us all. That said it should also be clear to my fellow privileged whites that my white opinions, solutions and vote on what must happen in SA is relevant only for suburban banter between us but has no relevance on the political stage of SA. It does however strongly accentuate my responsibility to humbly support and encourage my fellow black South African citizens and to advise only when asked to do so as we will all benefit from their success in wielding the scepter of this nation properly.

  36. Shame, Karen’s intellectual pinnacle was when she managed to understand the surface of post-colonial theory. She will never move to another ideology because she’s too dim to understand it. If she was a bit brighter she would be able to see the similarities between Fascist movements in South America and the EFF. I wonder if she’s read Disgrace. The character of Lucy is about people like her.

    1. “If she was a bit brighter she would be able to see the similarities between Fascist movements in South America and the EFF.”

      She doesn’t even have to go that far. Just look south of our border how ZANUPF destroyed Zimbabwe. That country’s life-long president, genocidal and virulently homophobic dictator is a big hero to EFF supporters and their commander in chief Mr. Julius Malema. Note how AU and SADC headed by South Africa endorsed that stolen election in Zim just the other day.

      1. You’re totally right but seeing as she is unable understand the extreme right wing nature under the surface of the EFF because they’re black and she has crippling white guilt, I thought it better that she look at a neutral example.

  37. Priveledged? Yes it’s been my priveledge and honour to pay taxes for more than thrity years and to see how much of the tax payers money goes up in burning and looting, partying, self enrichment, stupidity and too many other deplorables to name. It’s an error to assume, as do many of our darker fellow citizens, that all whites have/had what you perhaps do/did? Get off your high horse and when you have walked a mile in my shoes we can have an intelligent conversation. The ANC have screwed up BIG time, this is a FACT and they will continue to milk it for as long as the electorate gives them the means. All the democratic rhetoric in the world will not alter this.

  38. The real problem in this country is everyone painting each race group with the same brush. Labelling people like you do in this article is one of the reasons why we still have such racial issues in our beautiful country.

  39. utter bullshit, Bullshit title, Bullshit Story, Stop acting like you care. Get a real job you swine

  40. This is all kind of rich coming from someone who lives in Cape Town and probably has very little knowledge of what goes on outside that little DA conclave.

  41. I feel that whites now have no moral obligation to feel bad for apartheid. This election has shown how the masses clearly don’t mind being poor or have nothing to show for the 20 years of democrapy. You are moaning just like the rest. So shut it!

  42. Hypocrite.

    Let people whine, force them to, it shows a healthy democracy, or if you’d prefer go live in China/North Korea. Whining is a civil responsibility. Whites keep this country’s head above the water, that is a fact. Look North of South Africa into deepest darkest Africa; disease riddled, corrupted, broken, shunned, too far gone. If you would like South Africa to become the final failed African state, please stop the whites whining.

    Recolonise Africa PLEASE. Queen gets my vote. I’d even let the last remaining members of the band “Queen” rather than the disgusting baboons that run Africa.

    Yours in facts,


    1. Gm you out of line. You need to think before you go on like that. Besides, I’m sure the Afrikaners would rather be under ANC rule than in concentration camps like they were before the liberated themselves from British colonial rule.

    1. In this country being a playwright just means you have a rich daddy or husband to bankroll your artistic pretensions. She should stick to being a housewife.

  43. To all my black brothers who are thin
    king like the whining whites catch a wake up.It is not al up to zuma & co.Its time we start doing things for ourselves.Lets start cleaning up our land.

  44. white person moaning about whtie persons moaning about white persons white person moaning about whtie persons moaning about white persons white person moaning about whtie persons moaning about white persons white person moaning about whtie persons moaning about white persons

  45. I am a 60 yr old white SAfrican and think that you are right in many respects. I was hoping that we could get a stronger opposition, because that will ensure that we will have better government. Not many people realise how important that is, regardless which party govern.

  46. The argument that Helen Zille is not our saviour is really quite silly. Anyone wanting a reasonable change from total (and continued) uselessness ought to vote DA. The reality is we do actually need the ANC to leave if we want to achieve anything at all. Whine or no whine, these are the facts. Don’t know about you, but I do know a thing or two about the global economy and where it’s headed – there are pressures looming that haven’t even begun to hit us – and I can’t sit around forever trying to maintain my “I’m a non-whiney white person” image, as top priority.

    1. Helen Zille, the DA can’t save any of us white, coloureds or indians. They will not get enough votes to do for at least another 50 years. Or until the remaining 3 mil middle class whites have also been decimated. Mean time the ANC now bolstered by full on fascist EFF will ruthlessly pursue the “second phase” [of indigenisation] aimed primarily at “white males”. Coloureds and Indians will also feel the might of African nationalism suffocating each and every “over represented” minority. This has already been happening.

      The ONLY solution out is section 235 of the constitution and a renegotiation of 1994 one-state solution. That my dear friends, is the only realistic and workable alternative.

    2. But Karen lives in Cape Town. She can bitch without having to see the uselessness of the ANC on a daily basis.

  47. I can understand frustration over white people aligning with Madiba. I can understand DA not appealing to majority. I cannot understand voting for criminals that steal and waste all our money. I particularly cannot understand voting for a party with no plan or real understanding of basic economics. White or not, we need politicians that look after the poor, spend our money wisely and maximise opportunity to educate our children.

    1. Absolutely, complaining and endless public race baiting on forums like this helps nobody. What is needed is an entirely new strategy, we need to reevaluate all the assumption that underlies the long term sustainability of the “new South Africa”, the unquestioned reality, the unexplored options and we have to start thinking creatively outside of the box.

  48. Yeah, but she lost me in the end… She voted for a man who has publicly stated that white people don’t belong here and that it’s ok to steal from us. FACT. Oh and also employs Nazi’ish tactics in his political stratagems such as a salute, a symbol, a uniform, extreme policies that are as impractical as they are unconstitutional. I find it so bizarre especially when my white friends think they are being so open minded by voting for Malema, you may try be his friend but he will never be friends with you because of the colour of your skin, he is a racist. FACT. I also don’t think voting for a party that ‘means a lot to you but does nothing for you’ is ok. It’s unpatriotic.

    1. “I find it so bizarre especially when my white friends think they are being so open minded by voting for Malema”

      You must remember that there are certain white liberal types whose careers are dependant on impressing mostly black people (in good old days we called it sucking up) on how hyper liberal and crazy anti-white they are. She is a playwright so in order to win an audience and some sort of authenticity this is likely the case – we talk PR and advertising. The same with many other screaming white liberal types mainly academics – who are forever indulging in a public self-flagellation and some of the most self-loathing racist divisive rhetoric you can imagine. I posted about this phenomenon some time ago. http://www.ozoneblue.co.za/politics/dear-white-liberals-calling-gillian-schutte-samantha-vice-and-pierre-de-vos/

      The latest contribution to this genre it seems by Christi van der Westhuizen – http://mg.co.za/article/2014-05-08-race-the-das-elephant-in-the-policy-room

  49. Ah so because I’m white I’m not allowed an opinion? Or just one that’s exactly like yours?

  50. You make some valid points, but then destroy it with stupid intemperate, insulting language. I’m not white, but I think you should respect everyone’s right to SAY their truth, don’t demand that they shut up. Generally, everywhere, the masses ARE STUPID!! This country IS going down, faster than Zimbabwe did.

  51. Mandela brought democracy to South Africa, the ANC have ridden on the coattails of his legacy for 20 years now. You’re a good writer but for the love of fuck, shut up. Excuse me if I actively show my contempt for a parliament that that is using it’s power to drain money from it’s country instead of creating economic stability. And I’m sorry, but if the last bit about you voting for the EFF is true, then I have absolutely no respect for you. Malema is fucking stupid, he is an idiot who is trying to implement a government rule that is based on race, plain and simple. The people that were concerned about the DA ballots being dumped had good reason to feel that way. The ANC is corrupt in many areas, and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they tried to rig the election in some way. People have the right to vote for whomever they want, but that doesn’t change the facts. Zille is the only political leader in this country who I can put my support behind, because when she speaks she does so with logic, pride and actual care for this country. The DA is gaining more and more support every time an election comes around. Ever wonder why? ANC supporters are realising that Zuma has only his best interest at heart. And while the DA may not be perfect, they are at least capable of positive change.

  52. You shouldn’t tell people to shut to because they won’t tolerate injustice. The sad fact the majority of our population is uneducated and that’s why the ANC wins. They go on like we’re in still in “the struggle” and that’s why they win. The poor sods who vote for them are the poor sods who suffer the most because of their corruption. When you stop whining, when you stop complaining, when you stop fighting for what’s right, that’s when you become a part of the problem. So perhaps you are the one who should quit whining

  53. So the ANC has not brought in potholes, state hospitals are a shadow of what they were. Textbooks can’t be delivered. For every positive there is a negative. Yes the anc has achieved many good things but rather put people in jobs that actually can perform. JZ is an embarrassment, he has no leadership skill. We need to get away from colour in this country – call a spade a spade. Not all black people are thrilled with the anc’s performance. I think u should stick to being a playwright

  54. Oh well, regardless of the skin color, the truth is the truth and it hurts. The revolution shall not be staged, we will continue calling a spoon a spoon. Like it or not the revolution has been born. I am not for the idea that all land should be expropriated, I am for the idea that distribution of land be fair, the majority should have the majority of the land. We should work on our economy collectively, without being prejudices and discriminated on the grounds of skin color. My father has been a farm worker, he is uneducated, he knows how to work the land. I am educated and know how to handle our financial affairs, but without land he shall continue sweating yet struggle to have 3 meals a day. You call that fair?

    1. I hear you Simphiwe. There are some serious floors in a system that makes a man toil hard for his entire life but battle to make ends meet. Things need to change there is no doubt about it. But what we need is a government that engages in dialogue and leads by example because the reality is that we all need each other and we should all work towards that. We need to find the common ground and the government and it’s ministers need to be accountable for their actions. If they lead by example others will follow.

  55. Your understanding of socialism is very limited. I think you should read up about fascism. The EFF is primarily a nationalistic party, which is not at all compatible with traditional socialism. The HNP also advocated the nationalisation of land and mines – but for the benefit of poor Afrikaners. The EFF are essentially a far right wing party, which a lot of people refuse to acknowledged because they’re black. Even Cosatu has referred to them as right wing.

  56. Amen sister!!
    And the bigoted responses are just the last kicks of a dying horse.

  57. I’d hate t be the one who points this out but, do you ever see white people in their masses gathering in the streets, burning tires, destroying property, throwing stones at cops and generally being a pain in the ass? The correct answer is “NO”. So genius, who is actually complaining? The white people that you conveniently clumped together as though we are all the same or the black people who suffer the most? You conveniently clumped them all together as well I see. You’re an asshole. If us white people are bitching it is because idiots like you label us the same as the last generation of racists. I think it is about bloody time that guys like you put your little race card away because it is no longer relevant in South Africa.

    1. Triple like Michael ;-) Malema sure seems to whine A LOT about the ANC and their policies..did he paint himself black or something? Shouldn’t even be commenting as this comes from an EFF supporter (Need I say more?)

    2. Amen Michael! so much more to say but at the risk if being a white racist, I will leave it at that!

  58. I am white and im not whining at all. Stop freakin generalizing. Like you said, all people have emotions so allow those who feel emotional about the DA to feel like they will. Not all white people are racists… Just freakin get over it. Election is past and it cant be changed. Had the DA won im sure you would hear negative stuff about them on fb too…

  59. This quote came from Ken Peters, Professor of Economics in the Czech Republic.”The danger to South Africa is not Jacob Zuma, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of the Zuma Presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate, willing to have such a man for their President. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Zuma, who is a mere symptom of what ails South Africa (and indeed most of Africa). Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Jacob Zuma who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their President.”
    I wonder what he would say about Julius?

    1. Well, his premise of departure is flawed. The South African citizenry (including ANC supporters) had no say over the appointment of Mr Zuma as the state President save for the 400 members.This decision was reached through the votes of 400 ANC members who congregated at Mangaung conference. In fact the apparent complacence of the citizenry with Mr Zuma as the president demonstrates the respect of democratic process and rule of law.Because let’s face it, what alternative do they have?Would you rather have them engage in long disruptive protests (to have him removed) as were seen in Ukraine (over the appointment of the pro-western government). Supporting a party does not imply agreement to everything that has to do with the party in question.Is it not embarrassing that a man of this stature (Economics Professor) could fail to comprehend this basic tenet of politics?

  60. The ANC were NOT the only ones who “gave us Democracy”. It was a NEGOTIATED settlement. They did not single-handedly end Apartheid so lets just get that straight for starters.

    Weak willed and greedy people within the ANC are destroying this country. If you can’t or won’t see that then you are the one who should be removing your head from you arse. The ANC are NOT beyond criticism. People who voted for the ANC did so for very complex reasons, I accept this but at the end of the day we need to start judging the ANC on its results and not on its past. We need to live in the present and look to the future, not trade on past glories (perceived or real) otherwise the likes of Zuma will continue to loot this beautiful country of ours and do so knowing that they can walk away with a landslide victory no matter what they do (or don’t do).

    We are not a true democracy until we have changed who the governing party is post-apartheid. THAT is going to be the real test.

    One thing you have proven is this is an emotive issue. I put it to you that YOU know no better because when all is said and done, all we have is our opinions and these are often based on our emotions.

    The bottom line is: change needs to happen and we need to keep the conversation on how to to bring about that change alive- part of that is criticising the ANC and yes, those who voted for that party too. I HATE the ANC and I will not shut up, even if you don’t like what I have to say.

  61. This person starts out with a valid point( I do not agree with all thats said at all) but manage to destroy it half way through and jump on the ashes in the end! What a waste of space. Please if you have a statement do it with dignity you are now worse than the people you are accusing of whining! Election is done and dusted lets live with the choices we’ve made and make the best of it.

  62. If whites would have been fair from the start things would be better, they shudnt evn be whining to start with

  63. Your post makes me very sad. Not sad because you generalize, nor sad because the ANC won the election, or even sad because you voted for the EFF – that is your right and you are free to choose the party that best represents your interests, however misguided or foolish they might be. No, I’m sad because you take a fundamental part of our constitution, a right enshrined in the bill of rights, freedom of speech and you trample on it, just because you don’t agree with the opinions of us “Whining Whites”. Let me tell you something, we white people don’t whine because we’re bored, we whine because we are very concerned about the direction of the country, about the actions of our president who seems to not care about the people of the country nor their opinions. You must remember that for a democracy to work, we the people need to ensue that the elected officials are held to account when they fail to lead the country correctly. The ANC have clearly failed in their mandate to run the country in the last 5 years. Education is a joke, it’s been transformed into a modern day Bantu education with a new name, and learners are pushed through and given the impression that they’ve done really well even though they really don’t understand anything they’ve learnt. This is exactly what the ANC want, an uneducated population will never know that their vote can be used strategically to get whichever party is elected to perform. Also our roads are falling apart and we are being forced to pay for substandard over-priced roads, and not just once but twice! People are starving and dying of the cold, but our president feels it’s right to overspend massively on his own private residence, with our tax money nogal! And then still has the gal to insult those who question his immoral, unethical and illegal behaviour. A government who feel that they can spend our tax money in which ever best way they can to enrich themselves or their crony friends! Let me not get started on the economy which is at best stagnating, and a declining work force due to the policies of the government. No Ms.Jeynes I will not stop whining, I will not just let the corrupt have their way and lead us further down a path to a failed state! I will stand up and fight them and make it known that we the people will not allow them to destroy our wonderful country! As for your decision to vote EFF, as said before it is your right to, however they are not the solution, they’ll bankrupt the country with their nationalisation plans and ruin the economy on top of it! Their policies will only serve to increase the massive wage gap which we already have as they and their crony friends will just replace the ANC’s! And what will happen when they have nationalised all the mines and farms and those have failed due to mismanagement, what will they want to nationalise next, businesses, homes, your fancy car? It is really sad that you and all the DA’s critics are guilty of gross racism, the same thing we get falsely accused of regularly, you still see the DA as a white party and the ANC as a black party! I for one will always vote DA so long as they maintain their current policies, and regardless of who leads the party, be it a white lady, or a black man or anyone in between! Their policies are the only one that will work to improve the lives of the every day South African! It’s unfortunate that the majority are still too prejudiced about the leader to give them a chance! No Ms. Jeynes, no, I won’t stop whining, not for you! Not until the elected leaders of OUR country start performing according to the mandate they WE have given them democratically! Have a good day!

    1. Its funny when an outsider scripts a better comment than the actual author and their ‘piece’. I could not agree with you any more, well said Trevor!
      We have all that is necessary to make South Africa one of, or the greatest country in the world… its bigots like you ms Jeynes that are the downfall of the very fabric of our current failing system.

      stop trying to separate the people, the sexes, the races, the parties, deep down we all want the same outcome… to live, free, independent, equal lives in prosperity… the ones pointing fingers are the ones that are the problem!

  64. “We dont have enough real problems in this country”
    Seriously????? In what world are you living!!

  65. Right. So while I’m all down with the no-whining, anti-superior-type-kind thing; “The ANC brought us democracy. The ANC ushered in our constitution” .. please do some reading up on the history of the struggle and political movements.. UDF, Black Sash, PAC, NIC, on and on and on. Democracy wasn’t brought by anybody. Democracy was brokered and bought by many, many people and quite a few organisations.

  66. There are people of all colours that believe in their country, not the current government that has consistently failed to Deliver.

    I didn’t feel at all threatened or offended by your article, being a white person. I actually felt sorry for you on the basis that you seem to be yet another brainwashed individual.

    I’m sure you’d feel very differently if lets say for instance, that lovely education, or your internet, your nice car or heck, your electricity was non-existent like the other 60% of the population that has had the money of which has supposed to have been used to supply RDP houses, education and Hope… stolen from them and used to build mansions, buy fancy cars/blue light brigade rides… or heck… R8000 bottles of champagne for a “night out” … lets not forget the fact that ANC cronies like Mpsisane and co. have the audacity to have this expensive champagne ‘popped and sprayed’ all over them when getting away with criminal acts.

    At the end of the day every single African country out there has gone through something like South Africa is currently going through… where are they now?… These “whining” people you refer to, are voicing their concerns over OUR beautiful country and its future…

    So have a cup of cement and harden the fuck up… Take YOUR bigot shitty attitude and open your blinkers…

    1. 10 OUT OF 10 FOR YOU SIGHS … some people should wake th F UP and smell the rotten ROSES its not that rosy and bright eyed in SA anymore…no matter what you RACE. Ignorant dumb un-educated people like Karen will def. SING another song when something had to happen to her or her family or she loose her house / job … BURRO she’s a BURRO with abs no common sense NOR eyes TO SEE WHATS staring her in the FACE…Maybe she’s one of the Goverments PETS so with the Tax payers money and connections no harm will come to her nor poverty…”THATS WHAT SHE THINKS” If thts not the case then IM LOST for words

  67. Karen
    Just wait until they brutally torture and murder someone in your family just because they’re white – I’m sure you will still feel the same. It’s people like you that got us where we are today. You make me sick!! You’re not worthy to be a white person because you’re clearly way too stupid and don’t have any braincells to think like one! I truly hope you get everything you deserve from your black friends! I’m very sure you will…

    1. All this complaining about corruption and who is right and who is wrong seems to be the flavour of the times but what really is the solution here? Its seems that all of this is leading to only one inevitable conclusion…Violence is seemingly only going to get worse im just waiting for this all to fracture. I stand to be corrected but to my knowledge this country has not had a civil war to sort out all the hate that seems to be boiling under peoples skins. Im not proposing that this is the solution but I fear that this country is on the way and its only a matter of time. I would like to see a resolution of the problems at hand but that will only happen with a sound educational system is inplace. Its always going to be a constant circle until people decide to change and leave the race card at home n actually work together to form a new South Africa. It starts with the people of the nation. So be it that our president is a PIG and the ANC is corrupt to the bone and Black people constantly complaining about the white people n vice verse even tho the whites make up a cool 9% minority of this country. We need to work together to make a change. Regardless of who runs the show. Food for thought…

  68. White people will never change their savage ways. The ANC has not lived up to their promises but I would rather deal with that than blue eyed ass holes who compare us to animals.

  69. The ANC brought us democracy???? Ummmmm I don’t think that is completely true. Perhaps if you were properly informed you wouldn’t haven’t written that “The ANC brought us democracy.” but rather would have written “The ANC brought us democracy with President FW De Klerk.” “Early into his presidency, de Kerk worked to establish a new, anti-apartheid constitution based on the principle “one person, one vote.” “De Klerk also removed restrictions on political groups, suspended executions and unbanned the African National Congress. (A national liberation movement established in 1912 to unite black citizens and effect social, political and economic change, the ANC was banned by the South African government from 1960 to 1990.)

    Establishing an Anti-Apartheid Government.

    Thereafter, de Klerk focused on ending apartheid and establishing a racially integrated democracy, meeting with several black leaders, including Nelson Mandela, who became president of the ANC in 1991. That same year, following arduous negotiations between black and white leaders, de Klerk passed legislation that repealed discriminatory laws in South Africa.”

    Give credit where it’s due!

  70. “whether or not a few boxes of ballots went astray”…”The ANC brought us democracy”
    erm…sorry what?

  71. Maybe, just maybe, the vast majority are not taxpayers who have no interest in how their money is spent.

  72. Have a listen white people, the History of South Africa, summed up in 3 minutes…not sure where white people are getting the sense of entitlement and superiority from…theft? Wow how dignified…

    Give people what is due to them…

  73. White people owe blacks stuff all, get off your asses you lazy bastards and work for what u want, instead of always taking and taking, wanting everything for free!! Enough is enough, why don’t u all catch a clue. We pay and pay and u take and take, that’s not democrasy, its theft!!! Pay for it and you’ll appreciate it, ill stop whining when u stop burning, plundering and destroying, just be careful, u may have nothing to take when the whites stop paying for your benefits anymore. No tax, no grants, no hospitals, clinics, schools, no arv’s , no food!!!!

    1. What exactly have White people being doing for centuries? You have artefacts in your European museums that have been stolen from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Central and South America that were stolen. You owe us our treasure. The Gold and continually depleting diamond reserves that you have made yourselves rich off. We will keep taking.

  74. It must be awesome to be so clueless about how the real world works. Well done on making the most pointless, naive post I have ever read.

    Im not even upset, its hilarious in its stupidity. The author still has a long way to grow up.

  75. Africa is a continent, not a country. Besides if it wasn’t for white people black people would have nothing. Look at Africa now. South Africa is a pig stye now that Africans rule. When it was under white rule it was a virtual paradise to what it is now. Also, Nelson Mandela was a communist and a murdering piece of garbage. Nothing about him was any good. He slaughtered many of his own people as well as whites. He was only president of South Africa for three years, and for most of that he had to go into hiding. When blacks rule everything turns into chaos and a pig stye. Kind of makes you wonder why there is such a thing as black history month. Walk into a black history museum and you will find out that it is an empty building.

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