A Rwandan storify: The sensational tale of Rwanda’s gospel-singer-terrorist

Stories shift quickly in our 24-hour news cycle. The sensational tale of Rwanda’s gospel-singer-terrorist is no exception. Authorities have attempted to shape the narrative and control the headlines. For better or worse, Rwanda’s embrace of social media allows us to see how a most clickable story unfolds, and changes, over a few weeks.

Kizito Mihigo has long been a face of popular reconciliation in Rwanda. But after he wrote a song that offended the wrong people–and after he allegedly connected with some shifty people–Kizito found himself in a world of trouble.

American journalist Steve Terrill is known for keeping a watchful eye on Rwanda’s opaque twitterati. He put this Storify together and shared it with Africa is a Country. Steve says he’ll be updating the Storify as new elements emerge. He invites you to send him suggestions and feedback. Just click through:



Africa is a Country

Not the continent with 54 countries.

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  1. Thank you so much Steve.

    I was personnaly chocked by the tweet from this girl Lucy Mbabazi (73/80). She is obviously Deep in GoR but stupidy outside. She can now think about this, and anyone knows that Kizito was loved buy all rwandans (a big part of them).

    Illegal procedures, tortures, insane lies…sorry sorry Kizito. You are our “Umutabazi”

    God bless journos like you,

    God bless Kizito Mihigo and good rwandans

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Not the continent with 54 countries

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