File Under No Comment: ‘Send Me To Africa’

With a click of the button… (a contest sponsored by sponsors). It’s an empty landscape. With pyramids.



Boima Tucker

Chief Boima is a Sierra Leonean-American music producer, DJ and writer. He is also the managing editor, podcast host, and music section editor of Africa is a Country.

  1. bummer, they left out Mogadishu, Lagos, Kinshasa, Detroit and Timbuktu … where is the sense of adventure? What do you mean by Detroit is not in Africa?

  2. I think it’s more related with English-speaking countries. Although, I would also prefer to see Kinshasa, Kampala, or Timbuktu (well, considering the situation in Mali, maybe it’s not possible because of dangers, as it will put the organization in stress), still better than nothing… Go Mozambique!

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Not the continent with 54 countries

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