The World of Congolese artist Pume Bylex

In the introduction to The World According to Bylex, Filip De Boeck and Koen Van Synghel describe the Congolese artist Pume Bylex as “not interested in the day-to-day reality of Kinshasa. [He] turns his attention to what lies beyond the horizon of the visible and the tangible (…) a world with perfection and harmony at its centre.”

Pume Bylex is showing new work at the Halle de la Gombe (Kinshasa) until April 28 and from May 23 to July 21 at the Revue Noire gallery (Paris).



  1. Meh… not much of an art work. All I see is recycled material hastily cobbled together.Sigh , no narrative , no story. It is time to shake things up a bit.

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