#Kony2012 is a Parody

#Kony2012 is no joke (millions of people still send money to Invisible Children and one of its first public critics, a Canadian student who runs a tumblr blog called Visible Children, has received death treatsthreats), but it hasn’t stopped the comedians from coming out. Here’s a few floating around in our inboxes, or passed around on Facebook and Twitter. First up is “Tony 2012: Stop the Tiger,” by a comedy group, who seem to specialize in frat boy humor. Of course they have merchandise.

It’s not Youtube if someone does not make a “response video.” #Tony2012 already has one:

Then there’s the Australian “rap news agency” Juice Rap News. At least these guys have some politics.

Finally, since Invisible Children compared Kony to Adolf Hitler; you knew this was bound to happen. That Hitler meme on Youtube gets in on the act:



Sean Jacobs

Also goes by Hasan Wazan. Life President.

  1. I think that those who does not like #Kony2012 should take advantage of this momentum and do the right thing in adressing these kind of african problem. By the way, who knows what is that “right thing”?

  2. This phenomina of Kony 2012 and the amazing reaction to it both positive and negative will surely make an amazing phd for someone in a sociology or psychology department.

  3. death treats or death threats? i think you might of have accidentally a letter? unless it is treats in which case i should through some facts around as well.

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