Music Break. Kaba Blon

Thinking about Mbalax Dub, got me wanting to share some more of Kaba Blon. It doesn’t seem like they have uploaded anything online yet, and the only song available for purchase I believe is Moribayassa. But, Mo Laudi was playing me some more of their tracks the other day. He had gotten them from a Malian friend in Paris.



Boima Tucker

Chief Boima is a Sierra Leonean-American music producer, DJ and writer. He is also the managing editor, podcast host, and music section editor of Africa is a Country.

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  1. Sahel sounds is working on an album with them. If Orange internet ever pulls through, I have some more clips of live street performance. This song is especially interesting; it may be the first time a Malian act has tackled gender issues in a song with this kind of male/female back and forth conversation.

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