It has come to this. Don’t focus too much on the ‘your scholarship’ line. An email from an American lawyer in my inbox:

I am writing to request your help in a matter based on your scholarship on South Africa. My immigration law firm is currently representing a family of white Afrikaner farmers who are seeking asylum and withholding of removal based on allegations that they are the victims of discrimination based on their race and political affiliation. We are seeking an expert witness who could testify to the current situation in South Africa and confirm that this family would indeed suffer similar persecution if they were to return … If you or anyone you know would be able to give us an expert opinion, please let me know. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.



Sean Jacobs

Also goes by Hasan Wazan. Life President.

  1. indeed. take the offer and tell the truth. But…I suspect that the firm will weed you out as a witness.

  2. Did the request come through the ASA? I also received an email yesterday about being an expert witness in an asylum case, to provide information about “the persecution that is occurring in South Africa.” No other details, but such vague generality surely feels fishy to me…

  3. As a person who left their own country of origin to come and live in sa, I think it is very disrespectful of them to just throw around the title of ‘asylum seeker’. I mean do they really understand the meaning of the world and what most asylum seekers have gone through to look for a better life?

  4. @Calypsonoir – Mind telling me what the word aslym means? If i read you correctly it doesn’t mean “white” or “European”? Am i correct?

    If so, you would be surprised how many whites have reason to claim asylum and rightly so. We need to break this racist idea that whites are not allowed asylum as they have to no reason of fear due to their skin colour. Over decades of conditioning people were made to believe and think in a certain way, and disregard certain people depending on their etnitichity or skin colour. That is conditioned racism. Brainwashed.

    As for the emails you guys are getting. Very worrying. I don’t like throwing conspiracy theories but it might be the NIA. They are filled with ANC cadres that is very paranoid and anti-anything that stand the chance of painting the ANC in a bad light. Feel free to email me.

  5. As a retired SA/Dutch journalist I now maintain blogs about the deteriorating situation in South Africa: and I have lately also received many requests from a growing number Afrikaner asylum-seekers — amongst many other countries, also in the USA — with requests for expert-information etc to back up their court-hearings. I have also received this particular email as mentioned above – but when I asked for more details — since I know most of the cases being handled right now – I got a very vague reply. So in this case I concur with Henri that this particular email is very odd indeed and could well be a fishing expedition: I have experience of this as the ANC-regime is actually ACTIVELY intervening in the rights of such SA citizens to try and find a safer haven overseas by lodging formal OBJECTIONS in such law-suits: I have been advising lawyers and their clients not to put ANY of these cases in the news media any longer because I find that the ANC-regime intervenes whenever they discover them. I’ve never seen such vindictiveness by any government in my life – intervening in people’s individual rights to want to settle in any other country — just because the ANC-propagandists fears the ‘bad publicity’ this always creates. Meanwhile hundreds of Afrikaners have already obtained political asylum in other countries because they are being attacked in very large numbers now – way out of proportion to their very small minority-size of 3,5million people. These families are attacked by very violent, heavily-armed gangs inside their homes, on the streets, at their jobs, even on sports-fields and in the schools – and these attacks have nothing to do with ‘ordinary crime’: judging from the frequent anti-white hatespeech expressed during such attacks, often spoken of by surviving victims — this has everything to do with pure hatred against this very small, very visible ‘white’ minority in South Africa. It’s not clear why the SA president Jacob Zuma also constantly stil needs to sing the murder-inciting song “Shoot the Boer’ in front of large ANC-crowds, but he does and he obviously continues to create this atmosphere of hatred towards the whites in SA as a result, even though his government-coalition has been ruling South Africa ever since 1994. For daily updates on the hatespeech, the tortures, the murders, the mutilations and the live-slaughter endured by Afrikaner victims at the hands of large, well-organised, heavily-armed black-militant male groups, there’s an independent criminology- website which logs these each day .

  6. I am a white Afrikaner South African, and my father and brother are farmers, and I must say I don’t think that the situation is at such a point where it justifies asylum. That said though, the amount of murders taking place on white farmers are high, and it is a fearful thing when one’s family lives on an isolated farm. But I think it shouldn’t be taken out of context of the entire South Africa which is violent all over, and as I understand those in townships suffer the same. It isn’t just Afrikaners that gets murdered. Violent crime in South Africa is an issue, that is a fact, and that is why many people seek to emigrate, racial tension is also an issue, however I don’t know if political conspiracies can apply.

  7. Dear Miss Gee. Well then just enjoy yourself and ignore the many murders taking place all around you. Live in ignorance. That is, is is being rumoured, also described as ‘bliss’. The ANC propaganda that this is just ‘violent crime’ and that it’s exactly the same as it is being ‘seen all over the world’ is probably the biggest lie of all.Thjere are only 3,5million Afrikaners and the current daily attack-toll is 12 per DAY. These attacks against Afrikaners and Boers and NOT ONLY IN THE COUNTRYSIDE BUT ALSO EVEN MORE OFTEN IN THE CITIES are described by one of the top genocide experts in the world as the ‘Boer Genocide’. Contact him at Of course with your close-minded attitude, you already know everything and therefore just keep believing what you do know. “Believing’ being the operative word until it hits your family. As it will. Good luck.

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